Destiny 2: Beyond Light – All 6 New Exotic Weapons [Gallery]

New exotics have dropped in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and if you’re curious to see what fancy weapons of war you can get your Guardian’s hands on next, we’ve got the full list with information on each one. Some of these Exotics are wild — there are rocket launchers that fire volleys of tracking missiles, Pulse Rifles that can generate additional shots from time-portals, Sniper Rifles that generate lightning clouds after headshots, and much more.

We don’t know how to unlock all of these exotics just yet — not counting the Duality, which is a Premium Season Pass exclusive — but I’m sure all the information will eventually unlock. Some of these might appear as random rolls at the Crucible. At least one requires an exotic quest to complete, but finding it won’t be too tricky for players blazing through the Beyond Light campaign. We’ve got a full guide for earning the Exotic Stasis Grenade Launcher in the links below.

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Duality [Auto Rifle / Shotgun]

  • Auto-Rifle: Impact: 33 | Range: 100 | RPM: 360 | Mag: 39
  • Shotgun: Impact: 80 | Range: 73 | RPM: 65 | Mag: 6 [Solar Damage]

A special exotic reward that comes in two flavors — a Shotgun or an Auto-Rifle. Acquired through the Premium Season Pass.

No Time To Explain [Pulse Rifle]

  • Impact: 33 | Range: 73 | RPM: 340 | Mag: 24 [Kinetic Damage]

A unique pulse rifle with time-shifting powers. It can be fired at full-auto by holding down the trigger, and some ammo will return to the user. Has a unique perk that opens a portal that fires shots from an alternate timeline — the portal stays open longer by scoring precision shots.

Cloudstrike [Sniper Rifle]

  • Impact: 55 | Range: 64 | RPM: 140 | Mag: 7 [Arc Damage]

A powerful sniper that generates lightning blasts on precision shots or final blows. Multiple precision shots in a row generate a lightning storm at the impact site.

Salvation’s Grip [Grenade Launcher]

  • Impact: N/A | Range: N/A | RPM: 120 | Mag: 8 [Stasis Damage]

Unique Grenade Launcher that fires stasis munitions. Charged shots generate clusters of crystal that freeze anything caught in the radius. Earned by completing the quest given by The Drifer in the Tower, after completing the Beyond Light campaign.

Eyes of Tomorrow [Rocket Launcher]

  • Impact: N/A | Range: N/A | RPM: 20 | Mag: 1 [Solar Damage]

A powerful rocket launcher that fires a volley of mini-rockets that target and track multiple targets at once. Defeating 4+ enemies in a single volley will increase the power of the next volley.

The Lament [Sword]

  • Impact: 74 | Range: N/A | RPM: N/A | Mag: 60 [Solar Damage]

A killer sword that can cut through shields if you rev the sword like a chainsaw. You’ll earn back Sword power ammo for every other kill, and any damage you do on enemies will heal you back.

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