Destiny 2: Beyond Light – How To Get The Salvation’s Grip Grenade Launcher | Exotic Guide

Image Source: [DestinyTracker]

The first Exotic Quest in Destiny 2: Beyond Light has been solved. The Stasis-blasting Grenade Launcher freezes enemies in place with explosive blasts of Stasis Crystals, leaving the enemies extremely vulnerable to additional damage while they’re frozen. Not only can it freeze enemies, you can also charge each shot to increase the blast radius and catch multiple enemies in a single shot.

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Pre-Requisite: Before you can begin the Salvation’s Grip Exotic quest, you need to complete the new Beyond Light campaign.

Step #0: Begin The Quest

After speaking with Zavala and completing the Beyond Light questline, go to see the Drifter in the Tower. Talk to him to gain ‘The Stasis Prototype‘ exotic quest. That’s the easy part.

Step #1: Defeat Fallen Captains & Servitors

For the first step of the quest, you need to defeat Fallen Captains & Servitors on Europa to gain intel.

  • Defeat 10 Fallen Captains
  • Defeat 10 Servitors

This step is extremely straight-forward. You’ll find Fallen Captains and Servitors in Public Events, Lost Sectors, or just wandering around.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The next step requires you to complete an Empire Hunt. To do this, you need to complete all the Empire Hunt quests from Varik in Charon’s Crossing. You can get started on completing the Empire Hunt missions while you’re hunting Fallen Captains / Servitors.

Step #2: Empire Hunt

As stated above, you can get started on unlocking the Empire Hunt right at the start of the quest. The Empire Hunt is unlocked after completing three Empire Hunt quests for Varik — you’ll find him in Charon’s Crossing in Europa.

You need to complete three Varik quests — “Reclaiming Europa“, “Empire’s Fall“, and “The Dark Priestess” to complete the Empire Hunt. In the Empire Hunt quests, you’ll face off against one of Eramis’s Council Members and defeat them.

As long as you complete these three quests, you’ll solve this step and move on.

Step #3: Defeat Stasis-Afflicted Enemies

Stasis is the new power you’ll gain in Beyond Light, and for this step, you just need to defeat enemies with Stasis. You’ll gain a new Stasis Super ability for completing the Beyond Light campaign — you can use this to defeat enemies and complete this stage.

  • Public Events and Lost Sectors are a great way to grind and defeat plenty of enemies with Stasis Super.
  • The Blind Well event in The Dreaming City recharges Super abilities faster. You don’t need to defeat enemies on any specific planet, so you’re free to use your Stasis Super here to earn kills.

Step #4: Acquire Skiff Codes

This is a weird one. To progress, you need to find an NPC in the Concealed Void Lost Sector. You’ll find this Lost Sector in the western area of the Asterion Abyss of Europa.

To find the NPC, defeat the boss of the Lost Sector and open the chest with the cache codes. A forcefield will disappear behind the chest so you can access the Spider’s Associate and gain the Skiff Codes.

Step #5: Talk To Drifter

Return to the Tower and talk to the Drifter. He’ll give you the Stasis Container Device — and unlock one more step to the quest.

Step #6: Complete The Stasis Prototype Dungeon

Finally, a mission marker will appear in Europa. Go back and you can directly select “The Stasis Prototype” from the planet map. The quest sends you into the Fallen base where you’ll steal the weapon — literally! So you’ll get it during the quest, and you can start testing it out from there.

It’s a very straightforward quest, which is nice. Is Bungie going to through regular players and bone instead of creating impossible, annoying-to-complete Exotic questions? Let’s cross our fingers and hope.