The Division 2 Surprisingly Will Have New Content This Year

When it comes to Massive Entertainment, they had some big news to share with the public not that long ago. It was unveiled that EA was no longer the only company to deliver Star Wars video games as the contract ended short with Ubisoft stepping up to plate. So far we know the first big Star Wars title to be delivered into the marketplace from Ubisoft would be from their development studio Massive Entertainment.

There wasn’t much known about this next Star Wars game at the moment, but Massive Entertainment is behind Tom Clancy’s The Division series. Their last big video game release was The Division 2 which came out back in 2019 and was supported with new content for players to go through. However, it was said that Update 12 would be the final major installment for The Division 2. Seemingly, that would give the studio more resources to work on the upcoming Avatar project along with this new Star Wars title.

That’s no longer the case as it was announced through the official Twitter account for The Division that Massive Entertainment will have more content coming out this year. It’s all due to the support this studio is receiving for this game from the community. Unfortunately, there’s nothing unveiled to share just what the studio has in store for this project. Although that’s at least something to give fans some reassurance that there’s going to be an active community still enjoying this game throughout the year.

For now, it looks like the Massive Entertainment studio is still working on new updates for The Division 2 which will answer some of the problematic issues players have been dealing with such as the missing volumetric fog and screen space reflections on the PlayStation 5. It looks like Massive Entertainment has its hands full of content and video game projects and all of which are sparse with information. 

Source: Twitter