Ubisoft’s Star Wars Video Game Still In Early Development

EA signed a pretty big deal back in 2013. After Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars, the company offered EA an exclusive deal to develop Star Wars video game titles. That contract was supposed to last for ten years which would put EA in charge to 2023. However, that’s since seemingly changed as Ubisoft revealed that they were given the ability to develop a Star Wars video game of their own

Unfortunately, little information was revealed about this game. Either the contract was broken and Ubisoft was given the ability to develop this game or the process could begin but the actual title would end up not being released until 2023 which would seemingly line up with how long the development cycle could potentially last. We don’t know the ordeal right now with the contract, but we did get a statement from Ubisoft when it comes to the upcoming Star Wars video game.

Recently, Ubisoft held an investors call in which the question was brought up about The Division 2. Developed by Massive Entertainment, we know that this studio is behind the upcoming Star Wars video game. As a result, some investors were wondering what this may mean for The Division 2 such as updates and content starting to quiet down for players. That’s not going to be the case as Ubisoft was able to comment on the matter.

According to the conference call, it looks like Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment will have enough support in the studio to develop content for The Division 2 not only for this year but next year as well. There shouldn’t be any issue supporting this game alongside developing Star Wars. In fact, according to Ubisoft, the development stages for the unnamed Star Wars project is still very early on so there’s no telling just when this game will make its debut into the market but more importantly, it’s not anything that will cause current support and projects to be pushed aside.

Source: VGC