Ubisoft Is Developing An Open-World Star Wars Video Game

After Disney purchased Lucasfilm and its IPs there was news that we would receive new Star Wars video games. Of course, that came with the announcement of EA having control of video game titles being produced. The online community has expressed their disinterest in EA and while the company was able to bring out some bigger hit Star Wars titles such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order along with Star Wars Squadrons, it seems that their exclusivity deal has come to an end.

It was just yesterday that we got word of MachineGames bringing out an original Indiana Jones title, an IP owned by Lucasfilm, but now we’re finding out that a new Star Wars title is in the works too under a different development studio. Interestingly enough this new Star Wars game is not being handled by EA which previously boasted of having an exclusive contract deal to produce Star Wars games for ten years. That contract deal apparently ended early, but we don’t have any details as to why EA is no longer in total control of the IP for video games.

This new Star Wars game comes from Ubisoft and will be developed by Massive Entertainment, the same studio behind The Division 2. We know that this game is also being headed by Julian Gerightly for the creative director role and that it’s set to be an open-world title. Outside of that, we don’t know anything else about this game and it’s likely a ways off before we’ll get any updates or showcases. 

Overall, this could be some exciting news to those that want a bit more diversity in Star Wars video games. In the meantime, all we can do is wait for more official news to hit the public.

Source: Wired