Ubisoft Still Uncertain If They’ll Increase Game Prices To $70

For several years now the standard price for a new AAA video game title has been $60. It’s a game price we’ve become used to over the increase that happened years prior from $50. However, with the latest generation of console platforms out into the marketplace, we’ve seen more support on another jump in price. It looks like $70 may be the new norm for next-generation video game console titles that fit the AAA standard. Of course, not everyone has claimed to be on board with this new price hike.

Ubisoft for one has yet to make any official statement on the price hike. With the technology available to make bigger and grander video game experiences comes more resources, time, and effort to develop projects. This all costs quite a bit of money and for those AAA video game titles, it may not be justifiable to keep selling these games for $60. That’s been the argument made by several studios and publishers in the past. 

Recently, Ubisoft held an investor’s call to go over their quarterly earnings. This call prompted one investor to bring up price increases to the video game titles and if Ubisoft would be following this new trend in their next fiscal year of video game releases. Speaking about the matter was Ubisoft’s CFO, Frederick Duguet who stated that Ubisoft is analyzing the competitive dynamics and are looking at new opportunities but an official decision has yet to be made on the upcoming video game prices. 

We have seen a few video game titles release already for $70 but it doesn’t take games very long before they start going down in price, especially if you purchase physical copies. We’re certainly interested in seeing just how successful some of these games are at launch compared to later on when the price starts dwindling. 

Source: Games Radar