Cory Barlog Is In Favor For Next-Generation Video Game Price Increase

Going into 2020 we knew that both Sony and Microsoft had plans to release their next-generation video game console platforms. What we likely didn’t see coming for most of us is the price increase we may have to endure for new video game titles. It looks like Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation video game consoles will also come with a new standard for just how much a new video game title will cost. Instead of the standard $59.99 price tag, it looks like the price is going to jump up to $69.99 for some video game titles.

News about this really broke with a former executive at PlayStation, Shawn Layden. Layden recently spoke about the rising costs the video game industry has to deal with. These massive video game titles cost millions to make and it’s an investment that developers along with publishers won’t see a return on until the game launches. Likewise, with each new generation of console platforms, the amount of money to keep up with large production video games rises. 

As a result, Shawn Layden feels that the price for these games will have to go up in order to be sustainable. However, the alternative that would make things a bit easier going for developers along with consumers is making these games smaller in scope which would also allow developers to finish games faster and consumers won’t have to endure such a lengthy gameplay experience. 

Now it looks like the case for raising the standard for a new video game title is gaining more support. Cory Barlog who you likely is familiar with as the God of War director has come out to support the rise of video game prices. In his opinion, raising the price for a video game instead of cash grabs on microtransactions is the way to go. Of course, that’s not to say these games won’t feature in-game purchases as well.

While it looks like NBA 2K21 has a price hike increase for next-generation video game platforms, we’re still waiting to see what some of the other games will come out at when the next-generation platforms do release this holiday season.

Source: Twitter