Panic Button Reveals Why Doom Eternal FPS Was Capped During Cutscenes 

When it comes to ports for the Nintendo Switch, there’s a real gem of a studio that’s delivered some great content. Panic Button is a studio located in Austin Texas and they’ve been around delivering ports for video game consoles for years. However, the studio found a knack for delivering some solid video game ports for the Nintendo Switch specifically which is great for them. Nintendo Switch is a massively popular hybrid console and the platform opens up the ability for third-party studios to deliver games for players that are more on the go or simply only have a Nintendo Switch console.

This studio has delivered some hits as mentioned. We’ve seen ports come out into the marketplace such as Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Warframe, Subnautica, and Doom. Speaking of Doom, the studio delivered the latest installment for the franchise on the Nintendo Switch platform as well, Doom Eternal. However, if you played Doom Eternal on the Nintendo Switch platform then you might have noticed that the cutscenes had a capped FPS.

Recently, the lead engineer for Panic Button revealed during an interview with Digital Foundry that they opted to keep a low framerate for a particular reason. While the Nintendo Switch is not as powerful, several games were able to get ported with the studio to make some adjustments. However, for cutscenes, the lead engineer, Travis Archer, noted that these moments are sometimes the most graphical intensive parts of games. 

To keep the same really big moments for these games which can include the likes of dynamic lights, shadows, and animated complex geometry, the studio opted to keep these graphically pleasing moments which resulted in the low FPS. However, it does look like there are some adjustments planned which will help players out. Still, for these big video game titles, it’s an impressive feat to see those titles hit the Nintendo Switch platform in general. For now, if you have yet to play Doom Eternal, you can watch our Before You Buy coverage featured down below.

Source: Nintendo Link