Outriders: How To Get Your First Guaranteed Legendary Gun

Legendary weapons don’t come easy in Outriders. Players spent hours (and hours) farming bosses in the Outriders demo, hoping to get just one rare Legendary drop. Even if you complete the entire game — all of the Outriders campaign — you might never get any orange loot. The game really holds back the legendary stuff, but there is one way you can beat the odds and get a guaranteed Legendary weapon.

One of the confirmed Legendary weapons in the loot pool is called “The Wicker” and you’ll need to really rise in the World Tier ranking to get it. The Wicker has 50 round magazines, with high stability and life leech capabilities. It comes with some crazy mods you can harness — or scrap and stick in other weapons. While this isn’t the best legendary for all builds, it is a nice freebie everyone can earn while grinding World Tier XP.

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Guaranteed Legendary Gun | World Tier Rewards Guide

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Outriders features a World Tier system that determines your difficulty and your rewards. The higher the World Tier, the better rewards you’ll get — but the risk increases. By killing enemies, you’ll earn World Tier XP, and eventually you’ll fill the WT Meter and increase World Tiers. Once a World Tier is unlocked, it’s permanently available. You can lower your World Tier at any time, or raise it back up from the WT Menu or in the lobby.

Each time you increase World Tier, you can claim a reward from the WT Menu. These rewards aren’t totally random — you’ll always get a specific type of gear at a certain rarity.

  • How To Get A Guaranteed Legendary: Unlock World Tier 12 for a guaranteed Legendary weapon drop.

The Legendary weapon drop is found in the World Tier menu. Access it through the Quest Map — in the bottom-left corner, press the displayed button to reach the World Tier menu and claim your reward crate.

One of the Legendary weapons — or the only one — is The Wicker, a Legendary SMG with serious stability and very high damage. The real trick is just reaching World Tier 12. On solo, even getting to World Tier 8 is a difficult challenge. If you’re struggling, just remember that leveling up and getting better guns is the most important thing. Get great guns, then upgrade and mod them with crafting to synergize with your skills. That’s the key to leveling up World Tier and becoming more unstoppable.