Outriders: How To Farm Infinite Epic Gear Early

Outriders is all about that high-tier loot, and if you’re looking to fill your inventory with an insane amount of purples in an hour or less, the voracious loot-hungry Outriders community has already discovered an incredibly good way to farm Epic loot. Consider this the first (of hopefully many) fabled ‘Loot Caves’ in Outriders. Now that the Captain farm from the demo is obsolete, this can be your next best loot farming option.

This isn’t just a great way to farm, it’s one of the best players have found so far. This method was shared by u/Mtg_Force, and after some testing of our own, we’ve found it pretty dang reliable. Once you reach World Tier 10, epics are pretty reliable drops from almost any activity — but this is still an incredibly quick and easy method that is guaranteed to drop Epics. Now we all just need to cross our fingers and find a way to reliably get Legendary loot.

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Epic Loot Farming Guide | Beast Hunts Method

About halfway through the singleplayer story, you’ll unlock special side-activities called Beast Hunts. These are one-time-only quests where you’ll hunt a large alien for a pretty big reward. Normally, you can’t farm these, but there’s a way to get around the normal limitations — after killing the beast, just die to the rest of the monsters in the area. Don’t die before grabbing your loot!

If you die, you can reset the Beast Hunt from the beginning and try again. And the primary target of the hunt always drops high tier gear. At World Tier 10, target beasts drop at least 2~ Epic loot per defeat, and you can repeat some of these Beast Hunts in 30-60~ seconds with the right gear and team.

Here’s a quick rundown of the farming method.

  • Beast Hunt Farming | Step-By-Step
    • Unlock ‘Beast Hunts’ in mid-game, and start the ‘Hunt in the Ancient Ruins’ — but any Beast Hunt can work for this method.
    • Reach World Tier 10~ or higher. Your World Tier can be whatever you want, but higher World Tier are more likely to drop epic loot. WT10 is guaranteed to drop epics.
    • Enter the Beast Hunt area and only kill the primary target monster. Don’t clear the area or you’ll complete the quest.
    • Collect the loot and then die to the extra monsters in the area.
    • Reset and rinse / repeat for infinite loot.

Remember, this is all about targeting the primary monster. If you clear out all the monsters in a Beast Hunt, you’ll permanently complete it. If you want to farm, just die to the other monsters purposefully. Your goal is to kill the primary monster target and collect the Epic gear that drops. On WT10, the target beast will always drop two or more Epics. You’ll get constant epics, even on WT8.

Alternate Epic Farming Method | Tooka Grove

Instead of using Beast Hunts, you can also farm bosses in the environment. A little more than halfway through the game, you’ll reach Whitewater Reservoir. There’s a simple boss you can farm here in the Tooka Grove area of the map.

Nothing special here. Just defeat the boss, grab your Epics or any other purples that drop from enemies, and die / repeat. You only need to be about WT8 to get a stream of Epic loot. Anything higher just increases your chances — who knows, you might even get a Legendary!