Outriders: How To Get Level 50 Gear | Max Power Guide

Levels are kind of weird in Outriders. In many loot-shooters like Destiny or Division, your power is determined by your Power Level, Gear Level, or Light Level — once you reach the max level, you’ll just have to grind for gear to become more powerful and complete bigger challenges. In Outriders, it kind of works the same way.

After completing the campaign, you’ll only be able to use Level 30 gear. You can reach Level 50 gear, but to do that you’ll need to start grinding Expeditions. These are special end-game activities that are only available after completing the campaign — and they have their own World Tier mechanic. World Tier changes the difficulty of everything in the game — but Challenge Tier changes the difficulty for Expeditions. Confused?

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How To Get Level 50 Gear | End-Game Guide

Instead of Light Level or Power Level, Outriders features a Challenge Tier system. As you play through the campaign, you’re limited to World Tiers — World Tier goes from WT1 to WT15. At WT15, you’ll earn Level 30 gear. That all comes naturally as you progress through the story, earn levels, and increase your World Tier.

But, if you want to go beyond Level 30 gear, you’ll need to raise your Challenge Tier. Challenge Tiers are difficulty levels exclusive to Expeditions — end-game exclusive activities that can be completed solo or with a team.

Before starting an Expedition, you’ll be able to select the Challenge Tier. As you earn CT XP by playing through Expeditions, you’ll unlock new Challenge Tiers, which give you access to higher level gear — all the way up to Level 50.

There are 15 Challenge Tiers — and reaching CT15 will get you to Level 50 gear. That’s going to take a lot of grinding. Each Challenge Tier is completed in a run — with guaranteed rewards if you complete the Challenge Tier Expedition run with Gold, Silver, or Bronze ranking.

At CT12, you can earn a Legendary for a Gold Tier completion. The higher level Challenge Tiers are very likely to unlock even more Legendary loot — and you’ll need it to complete Expeditions at a ridiculously high level like this.