Outriders: How To Grind For Legendary Loot | End-Game Guide

We’re all hunting for Legendary loot in Outriders. These unique weapon and armor pieces don’t just look cool — each one has a unique mod, and some of those mods are insanely powerful. You can acquire these insane Tier 3 weapon mods for crafting and apply them to anything you want, giving you plenty of utility. Even if you don’t like the armor’s appearance or the weapon type, you can still get something incredibly valuable out of Legendary gear.

And earning Legendary gear isn’t as hard as it seems. You don’t need to grind World Tiers or play through Expeditions hoping to earn a drop. There’s a sure-fire method for earning Legendary items at the very end of the game. After completing the story, you’re free to just buy Legendary stuff — and that stuff swaps out at regular intervals. Why pray for the RNG gods to give you Legendary loot when you can just earn it?

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How To Earn Legendary Gear | End-Game Currency Guide

After completing the story, you’ll unlock new activities called Expeditions. These difficult end-game encounters might seem like the best way to grind for Legendary gear. They are good — but your chances of finding Legendaries are still really low.

Instead of using Expeditions, we’ll use vendors to buy Legendary Gear. Tiago sells Legendary gear for a special currency called DPR. To earn it, you’ll need to follow some steps.

  • How To Get DPR | End-Game Currency
    • Sell loot you don’t want to Bailey to earn scrap.
    • Buy Titanium from Bailey with the scrap you earn.
    • Trade Titanium for DPR from Tiago. You’ll get x2 DPR each.

Now you can use DPR to purchase Legendary loot from Tiago. It takes a lot of scrap to buy the titanium you need, so you’ll still need to do some serious grinding. Still, every second you’re earning scrap, you’re getting closer to buying a Legendary. At least all that grinding isn’t a wasted effort.