People Can Fly CEO Ready for the Future, New Projects Underway

PeopleCanFlyFeaturedHeaderPeople Can Fly is game studio best known for their Painkiller series and Bulletstorm did a retrospective Gamepressure interview with the CEO of the company, Sebastian Wojciechowski. It shed light on the studio’s past, but it also had details about their plans for the future.

The interview talks about People Can Fly’s 2012 transition under the control of Epic Games. Sebastian said it was much more seamless than it might’ve looked. Epic Games was already a majority shareholder, so it was mostly done for the sake of public image. By 2015, they had come to terms with the fact that Epic’s creative vision wasn’t matching what People Can Fly saw for themselves.

Epic Games and People Can Fly are still releasing Fortnite in 2017, however. They were also helpful in the development of Gears of War‘s PC version, and co-developed Gears of War 2 and Gears of War: Judgement alongside Epic Games.


When asked about publishing this new game on their own or with outside help, the CEO stated “We’ve already established cooperation with a certain publisher, but at the moment I can’t disclose which one.”

But don’t expect more details about their unannounced AAA shooter until 2017. CEO Wojciechowski said “We’ve been working on it since the beginning of the year. Before that, we were polishing the concept. So for any details you’ll need to wait until next year.”

They’ve got over a dozen job offers on their website. If you want to join their team, check out what they have available here.