Outriders: The Best Builds Right Now Are All Firepower

Outriders encourages you to become as dominatingly powerful as possible. The best builds are about dealing damages as fast as you can — DPS is king, and the faster you kill enemies, the more health you’ll regen, keeping you alive longer. The community has spoken, and almost everyone agrees that the best way to become overwhelmingly powerful in Outriders is through firepower builds.

What are firepower builds? Each class has three distinct perk trees — as you level up, you’ll gain points that you can respec at any time and reallocate. Each tree is dedicated toward a different aspect of that class, and firepower builds are all designed to take advantage of firepower skills. Skills like Volcanic Rounds, Twisted Rounds, and Blighted Rounds. Making your build over-powered is pretty simple with skills like these.

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Why Firepower Builds Are OP

Firepower Builds are — currently, according to the community meta — the simplest way to become unstoppable in Outriders. These abilities all have different effects, but their builds (and how the skills work) is all basically identical.

  • Volcanic Rounds: Pyromancer – Fills your current weapon magazine with fire bullets. Deals fire damage-over-time.
  • Twisted Rounds: Trickster – Fills your current weapon magazine with bullets that cause slow.
  • Blighted Rounds: Technomancer – Fills your current weapon magazine with poison bullets. Deals blight damage-over-time.

Put all your perk / skill points into the trees that improve these skills — you’ll want to increase armor piercing, and use weapons with large magazines. The longer you can sustain a full magazine, the higher your damage output will be. These Firepower Skills only last until you have to reload your gun.

So, how do you make them completely OP and break the game? Get weapon mods that refill your magazine. Weapon Mods that return ammo to you when you score kills or mods that don’t use ammo on critical hits — those are ideal. And you’ll start to find plenty of mods like that on Epic rarity weapons.

For the Devastator class, you can STILL focus on Firepower by using weapons that cause Bleed or other types of status effects. By combining “The Cycle” weapon mod with your basic Tremor skill, you can deal huge weapon damage — The Cycle weapon mod gives you a weapon damage boost based on your current health regen level. That’s also useful for the Technomancer, who gains regen on ANY damage they deal at all.

So if you’re wondering what build to go for — just pick skills that help you improve firepower damage. It’s the simplest way to become a powerhouse. We’re all crossing our fingers other skills are just improved, and firepower isn’t just nerfed beyond belief.