Outriders Suffers Launch Day Server Struggle, PC Problems

Outriders, like a lot of online games, suffered from a few snags on its launch day. This time it appears to have been server and login issues that caused several players to not be able to play the game. The Square Enix techs had to take the servers down, and they have since been restored. It’s not an unusual teething problem for a new online game, but you still hate to see it.

According to multiple reports on launch day, users would be stuck on the initial authentication screen and told the game couldn’t connect to the servers. The server problems were so bad that eventually, they had to be reset. The developers, People Can Fly, pointed out on their own Twitter account that Square Enix was in charge of the servers, so they couldn’t do much to help fix the problem.

In addition to the server issues, PC users reported stuttering, which was later revealed to be a DX12 issue. Other PC players reported not being able to play with console players, despite the game having crossplay capabilities. Square Enix urged users to not attempt PC-console crossplay until the problem was patched.

The servers were set to come back online in two phases — the first phase being everywhere but the US, with the techs promising, “As soon as we have confirmed stable server loads for the rest of the world, we will bring the US online.” In the time since, the Outriders team has posted an updated on Twitter telling US-based users to, “Get back in there and f*ck sh*t up” which I assume is their way of telling everyone the servers are now fixed. They added, “Our teams will continue to monitor the overall situation. Sorry we kept you waiting. Godspeed Outriders.” At last report, the company is still trying to mend the server issues.

Source: Twitter