Outriders: Don’t Miss The Best Weapon Mods | OP Build Guide

The right weapon mods can make all the difference in Outriders. There are three tiers of weapon mods — and some of these mods are truly insane. You can unlock infinite ammo, leach health off enemies, or call down meteorites from the sky with each successful shot. There are some pretty wacky mods, and some of them are absolutely broken beyond belief. And that ain’t a bad thing.

While the weapon mods you get are random — weapon mods are randomly found on Rare and Epic gear, while certain Legendary loot will always have the same weapon mod. By dismantling weapons, you’ll learn the weapon mods and be able to apply them to any other weapon through crafting. That’s why you just might want to dismantle those Legendary guns — the weapon mods are more valuable than the gun itself.

These are the weapon mods you need to look out for. They’re absurdly strong, and combining them with the right class will change your looting life instantly.

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Best Mods | OP Crafting Guide

Mods are upgrades you can apply to weapons or armor. By dismantling weapons or armor, you’ll gain the mod permanently on that character, and can then apply the mod to future weapons or armor. By combining the right weapon mods, you can become unstoppable — even at WT15.

Let’s talk about some of the most amazing Weapon Mods we’ve found so far.

  • The Cycle: Increases weapon damage with health regen — using your powers to heal causes your weapons to deal more damage. Combine all your regen skills, or use a Technomancer, and you’re dealing triple damage easily with this single weapon mod applies.
  • Ultimate Bleeding Bullets: Shots inflict bleed on enemies. One second cooldown. Combine with this next mod…
    • Vampiric Mag: Killing shots on enemies with a bleed status restores 50% magazine ammo. Now you’re bleeding enemies and restoring your ammo infinitely — add in your Firepower Skills for insane damage.
  • Scrap Grenade: On first shot, generates a cluster grenade effect on an enemy, dealing huge damage to it and everything around it. Just reload and the effect goes off again.
  • Death Chains: Shots entangle an enemy with chains, dealing 75% weapon damage over three seconds. Very similar to other weapon mods that apply lightning, magma or other anomaly effects on each shot. All of them are useful and deal damage-over-time, which stacks up fast.
  • Brain Eater: Critical Shots do not consume ammo. Give yourself an LMG and aim for the head to deal infinite ammo damage.
    • Combine this with Firepower Skills so you have infinite anomaly elemental power.
  • Perpetuum Mobile: Instantly replenishes your ammo if you kill an enemy with 35% or less ammo remaining in your magazine. Another killer mod that keeps your ammo going.
    • Again, perfect combo with Firepower Skills so you can just keep shooting anomaly bullets all day.

Combine weapon mods with Firepower abilities to become completely OP. You’ll have to get lucky to get some of these mods, but they’re all worth the hassle.