Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – Use These Skips To Save 3,000+ Points In Every Session | Firebase Z Guide

Call of Duty: Zombies is all about management. You need to manage your points and spend them wisely — the faster you accomplish tasks, and the more money you save, the more doors you can open, perks you can grab, and weapons you can Pack-a-Punch. Every shortcut is incredibly important, and if you can complete tasks in earlier rounds, then those tasks will be much easier.

So we’re going to talk about all the different little shortcuts you can use to save points and earn big rewards. There are multiple mini Easter egg quests or alternate paths you can use to save cash and complete those early rounds even earlier. Every little bit counts, so here’s just a few things you absolutely must do when you start Firebase Z.

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Shortcut #1: Teleporter Round 1

First off, run to the far end of the Village map and look for the ledge near the patio past the Quick Revive. With the right sprinting jump combo (equip Fists / Knife for max speed) you can make the gap and climb the rest of the way to the Teleporter.

Out of all the early skips, this is the trickiest. It took me about 10 tries to manage the jump. Sprint from the Quick Revive to the ledge and jump as far as possible. You need to wait until the very last second, and aim for the center of the ledge.

Shortcut #2: Free Jugger-Nog & Weapon

You’ll always want to complete the Teddy Bear Easter egg after restoring power. The Easter egg is incredibly simple to trigger — after restoring power, return to the Atrium and go to the balcony above the Pack-a-Punch / Ravenov. Near the door, there’s a blocked hallway with a Teddy Bear at the far end under a bright light.

At the start of the round, just look at this Teddy Bear. Don’t look away! Keep looking, and the head will turn to face you. Keep looking, and eventually the bear will fly right at you, teleporting you to a dark arena — to complete the challenge, you need to sprint to three glowing purple Teddy spots and shoot the dolls.

Shoot all three and the zombies / Mimics will despawn, and a gold chest will appear. Rush to the chest and collect all the items — including a free Jugger-Nog and a free gun — before the timer runs out. Jugger-Nog is basically a requirement for any run, so a free one is going to save you some serious points.

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