Konami Claims They Didn’t Request Akira Yamaoka’s Statement To Be Removed

Konami was a pretty massive video game development studio for years. They brought out iconic video game titles and after so long the studio name started to make their way a bit out of game development. We don’t see a whole lot from Konami these days and it’s unfortunate that their glorious IPs are mainly kept dormant. However, there are always rumors of these IPs making some kind of big comeback and that’s brought fans some enjoyment as they hope there is some kind of a big reveal in the works.

One of those IPs that fans have been patiently waiting on for a big reveal has been Silent Hill. The survival mixed with psychological horror was a staple for the PlayStation when it first debuts into the marketplace. Developed by an internal team that went under the dubbed name Team Silent, we’ve managed to receive four installments before Konami opted to disband the team and deliver the IP to different western developers. Unfortunately, those developers really failed to capture the tone and level of detail that Team Silent managed to put into their games.

As a result, this IP eventually went dormant with fans waiting on some kind of a big announcement. This is especially true now after Capcom has delivered more Resident Evil video game titles and even remakes, which was series that competed against Silent Hill years ago. While rumors have been rampant lately about some kind of a new Silent Hill game being in the works, nothing official has ever made its way out into the public.

In fact, one of the teases fans were putting some weight into was a recent interview done by Akira Yamaoka. If you’re unfamiliar with his name, this is the composer who was responsible for the various Silent Hill soundtracks. During a recent interview, Akira made note that a current project being worked on is something that he believes people would be hoping to hear about. While Akira has worked on several IPs and different projects, most are assuming that this is yet another nod towards a new Silent Hill game.

That interview has since been pulled after the publication received a request. Unfortunately, we don’t know who made the request but now we have a statement from a Konami spokesperson that they were not the ones that requested the statement removed. Right now there’s no way of knowing who made the request or what project Akira is referring to but his statement, before being pulled, did make note that we should see some kind of an announcement during this summer. 

Source: VGC