Silent Hill Composer Teases Next Big Project [UPDATE]


Silent Hill’s legendary composer Akira Yamaoka made quite the headlines this past weekend when an interview popped up online suggesting that his next project will be something that people would be interested in. Now that interview has been pulled which was requested by the publication. Interestingly enough the word was already spread around at this point so we’re uncertain why the pull. Likewise, we’re not sure just who requested the interview to be pulled but perhaps the tease was sent out too early or there’s a chance that this interview is feeling too much attention on the Silent Hill IP which could very well not be the project Yamaoka is commenting about.

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The Silent Hill franchise is incredibly cherished by fans worldwide. After the franchise got its start from an internal Konami development team that went by the name Team Silent, we’ve received four mainline installments before the group was disbanded. After its development time with Team Silent came to an end, the video game franchise was passed around to western developers who failed to make a game title that stands up to what Team Silent was able to bring out into the marketplace.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take too long before Konami allowed Silent Hill to become a dormant IP for new video game releases. For years, fans finally got a glimpse of Silent Hill making a grand comeback. After Hideo Kojima announced that he was working on a new installment for the IP, it wasn’t long after that Kojima and Konami ended up splitting ways leaving the Silent Hill IP to once again get thrown back on the back burner. With that said, there is an ongoing set of rumors and supposed leaks flooding the internet that a new installment is in the works.

We’ve heard all sorts of rumors from a Silent Hill reboot, a Telltale Games style title, to even Silent Hills getting put back into development with Kojima Productions being the developers handling the production. So far, there have been no official statements regarding the next Silent Hill game or if there will ever be a new Silent Hill game. Most have written the franchise off, but there is one more rumor starting to circulate the internet giving fans hope.

A recent interview came out featuring Akira Yamaoka. Akira had handled the soundtrack for the Silent Hill series and he made note that this summer we should see his next project get revealed which is something that people may have been hoping to hear about. Now it’s worth noting that this may not be Silent Hill. Akira has worked on several IPs with most recently having a hand with Bloober Team’s The Medium, but Silent Hill is something that fans have been waiting to hear more about and Konami confirmed that they did not close down their video game development production. Whatever this ends up being, we’ll hopefully get the grand reveal this summer.

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