Silent Hill Composer Has A Track From The Medium Available To Stream 

There are quite a few legendary survival horror video game franchises that fans can quickly recommend today. However, one franchise, in particular, has been laying dormant with fans eagerly awaiting an announcement of some form. I’m referring to Silent Hill, a franchise that was crafted up by an in-house Konami team known as Team Silent. They made an incredible franchise that was filled with lore and subtle references to the in-game story. While there are so many different areas that really allowed Silent Hill to thrive, one of the key components was the soundtrack.

Akira Yamaoka was the mastermind behind the music featured within the franchise. The different themes and eerie atmosphere tones are something that fans often reflect back on. Unfortunately, the franchise has been dormant as mentioned and while there are always rumors suggesting something is in the works, we can at least confirm Akira Yamaoka is busy with a video game development.

It’s not one based around the Silent Hill IP, but this legendary game composer is working on Bloober Team with their upcoming release, The Medium. This is a game that takes some references from Silent Hill with the play on both a normal world and an otherworld transformation. Likewise, Bloober Team has been doing quite well with the horror genre and they have been boasting The Medium as their largest game ever made. In fact, it’s supposedly so large that it required next-generation hardware to even run the game properly. 

At any rate, we’re still waiting for the game release as it’s only slated to launch at some point this year. We’re likely going to see it at the end of 2020 after the Xbox Series X launches alongside the PC platform release. With that said, if you want an early listen to one soundtrack for the game then you can listen in on The Maw. It’s a theme based around a hostile yet intelligent entity you’ll have to deal within the game. 

Source: Steam