Are We Getting A Silent Hill Reveal Next Month?

There is a ton of rumors constantly flooding online regarding the much-beloved survival horror franchise, Silent Hill. The IP has been around since the early days of the original PlayStation console and now that we are moving into the fifth generation of this platform, it seems that if rumors proved to be true, we will see another Sony exclusive Silent Hill game on a major home console platform. The platform is slated to launch into the market this holiday season and while we may not get a Silent Hill game at launch, there apparently is one in the works from all the rumored reports that consistently has popped up online these past few months.

Silent Hill is quite the fan-favorite video game title from Konami and while things looked like the franchise was going to take a turn for the better after the previous western developer releases, the IP has remained dormant. We’re sure that you are all familiar with the Hideo Kojima project that was in the works over at Konami a few years ago. The world-famed developer was giving his all for a new Silent Hill game but the company and developer had split resulting in the project being trashed.

Since then there were plenty of rumors coming up again but this time suggesting that Konami was allowing Sony to work on a Silent Hill game. One of the mouthpieces for the rumor has been AestheticGamer on Twitter who has proved reliable in terms of Resident Evil leaked information. According to the Twitter user, it seems that the sources in the know have confirmed that a Silent Hill game is being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Furthermore, one of the elements that we’re sure several fans will enjoy is that several members who were part of the original Team Silent group that brought out the first four installments to the Silent Hill franchise are also working on this game. While we haven’t seen any information regarding the Silent Hill title just yet, the leaker has stated that the project is still being developed with Sony planning to unveil it either in August or September. 

If it happens in August, it will apparently be featured in a Sony State of Play event to allow content from Sony to go out after Microsoft’s July event which is said to feature first-party developed games for the upcoming Xbox Series X. However, if it happens in September it will be due to the Tokyo Game Show content that would have been displayed at the gaming expo. 

Source: Twitter