Warner Bros Interactive To Be Purchased By Xbox?

When it comes to the next-generation platforms, there is some movement from Microsoft to ensure they have enough development studios under their umbrella to deliver a wide range of different video game titles. We’ve seen Microsoft make several purchases in the past such as Ninja Theory and Obsidian Entertainment. Now that it looks like Warner Bros. Interactive may be up for sale, we could see Microsoft swoop in and pick up the development studios that could potentially be up for grabs.

Nothing is official just yet, instead the reports going up right now is that AT&T is looking to sell the gaming division attached to Warner Bros., which Microsoft is apparently interested in. This would put up a ton of different studios into the ownership of Microsoft. For instance, the studios would include the likes of Avalanche Software, Monolith Productions, NetherRealm Studios, Rocksteady Studios, and TT Games to name a few. This would certainly buff up Microsoft’s line of video game development studios readily available to start crafting up new content for the Xbox Series X.

While this would be a significant purchase for Microsoft, we are forced to wait and see if the company makes a move on acquiring the division. For now, these are just reports and rumors, but what’s not a rumor is that Microsoft has plans for later this month to showcase some new first-party video game titles coming out in the near future. This will give players a look into the titles being developed for both the Xbox One, but more importantly the next-generation console platform release, the Xbox Series X.

In the meantime, would you like to see Microsoft purchase Warner Bros. Interactive or would you like to see another company swoop in? After all, Sony could potentially also pick up these studios as well if the reports are proven to be real.

Source: IGN