The Medium Developers Seeks Help From Platige

Bloober Team has been around for more than a few years now. Started up in 2008, the game development studio seems to really found themselves in 2016 where the released their first horror title that found a large audience. That title was Layers of Fear and since then the development studio has released three additional psychological horror games for fans to enjoy.

These video game titles were released with a smaller budget and while they have catered towards an audience that enjoys the genre, it was clear that with each new game, the development studio aimed to make a bigger and fuller experience. Now it looks like their next release will be the studio’s largest video game developed yet. The Medium was unveiled earlier this year as a next-generation release on the Xbox Series X and PC platforms. It’s such a big undertaking that the game simply wouldn’t be able to run as intended on current-generation platforms. 

Those unfamiliar with the game will find The Medium to take some cues to the Silent Hill franchise. Players take the role of a woman named Marianne who is a medium that can travel between the human realm and a spiritual realm. You can still expect a single-player psychological horror title, but with more of an emphasis on ensuring the game looks incredible throughout and that’s in part due to the partnership Bloober Team developed with Platige which was unveiled by Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno when speaking with the Business Insider. 

“The Medium project is big and we wanted to hire the best, so we turned to Platige. We not only gain from the business side, but we also receive creative support. Platige has experience with the film website. We also have such experience, but in this cooperation, we get not only material that makes this project look very good, but also a lot of substantive input, which we think will enable The Medium to become the hottest game of the year end.”

Platige Image is a polish 3D animation and digital effects company. The company has worked with several companies and networks in the past where their work has spanned across commercials to films. Bloober Team was able to not only get help in developing a game with stunning visuals but also gain some help in other input regarding the video game. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen too much in regards to the game quite yet. That should change soon as The Medium is slated to release towards the end of this year for the Xbox Series X and PC platforms, but there is no specific release date quite yet.

Source: Wccftech