Konami Still Has A Gaming Division [UPDATE]


Another statement was offered to IGN from a Konami spokesperson. According to the statement given, this restructure would be a benefit for the gaming division. Essentially, there is a more contact from developers to the upper management which would allow Konami to respond quickly to the gaming market. Of course, it’s a wonder just how soon we might see some video game announcements from Konami at this point.

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Years ago Konami was a gaming company that everyone knew. They put out some incredibly successful IPs into the marketplace but since then the company has been mainly silent. After their games failed to really gain some new footing in more modern platforms, it seemed like Konami was going downhill fast. Things only got worse when their famed developer, Hideo Kojima, left the company resulting in a hiatus is not only Metal Gear Solid but also Silent Hill.

It’s been a long waiting game for fans of Konami’s video game projects. For instance, nonstop rumors were suggesting that Konami was going to bring out a new Silent Hill game and we’ve heard everything from a more adventure style game, a reboot to the entire series, remastered editions of popular installments, to even Hideo Kojima picking back up work on the canceled Silent Hills project. None of those rumors ever made it out into the public officially but earlier today it looked like we were not going to see anything again from Konami in terms of video game projects.

Recently an announcement was released to investors that Konami was removing Production Divisions 1, 2, and 3. News of that began to circulate online that Konami was exiting the video game industry. However, now it looks like a spokesperson for Konami has reached out to IGN and alerted the publication that there is only internal restructuring going on with Product Divisions being consolidated. 

While the spokesperson alerted the publication that they have not shut down their gaming division within the company, there was no word as to when we could expect some new video game announcements again. Outside of PES, it looks like Konami hasn’t found much interest in returning to their classic IPs or began working with companies to bring a fan resurgence back to the once-iconic video game development studio. For now, it’s purely a waiting game to see just what Konami ends up doing next. 

Source: IGN

Source Update: IGN