Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – How To Kill The Giant Boss Orda Fast | Firebase Z Guide

Orda is waiting for you in Firebase Z, the first Zombies DLC map for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. That absolutely enormous undead monster appears in one of two ways — you can either complete the ridiculously complex Easter egg quest, or you can survive until Round 30 and face off against Orda during the Assault Wave. Either way, Orda is an intimidating boss with a big health bar. His mechanics aren’t exactly complicated, so all you have to worry about is doing as much damage as possible.

And there are a few things you need before facing him. Certain Field Upgrades can absolutely crush Orda in seconds flat, combined with the right weapons and upgrades — if you want to smash this boss with minimal effort, these are the items and upgrades you’ll want to get.

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Orda is a very big boy.

The massive Orda boss is a giant undead behemoth that towers over the player. It can shoot a huge beam, and during its damage phase a large glowing light will emanate from the hole in its head. While its head glows, you just need to shoot it to do damage. The fight is very simple, and you can make it easier with friends sporting the right upgrades.

  • Recommended Equipment:
    • Ring of Fire (Level 3)
    • RAI K-84 Wonder Weapon – Pack-a-Punch Level 2
    • +Brain Rot Ammo Mod
    • x2 Monkey Bombs

It’s very simple. Ring of Fire is incredibly OP against the boss. While the Ring of Fire bonus damage effect does not apply to the boss, at Level 3 Ring of Fire does not require reloading when shooting. All ammo instead is taken from your reserve instead of the magazine — so you can just keep shooting forever, basically.

Pack-a-Punch as many times as possible, and bring an alternate weapon with Brain Rot Ammo Mod. This will help you deal with swarms of zombies easier on high rounds. Make sure to equip Brain Rot on a weapon like an LMG that shoots lots and deals low damage per shot.

Finally, you’ll want the RAI K-84 Wonder Weapon and Monkey Bombs or decoys. The Monkey Bombs are obvious — you can drop them and easily escape any overwhelming zombie encounter, and the Wonder Weapon is easily the best weapon to use against the big boss. The Ray Gun is so strong, you’ll ideally want all four players using it at the same time.

But the real trick is that Ring of Fire. Ring of Fire absolutely munches through Orda’s HP bar, even if it doesn’t technically do any more damage, this is how you’ll do the most damage the fastest. Select that gear before going into the final boss — or Round 30 — and you’re basically guaranteed to win.

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