Does 343 Industries Have Another Halo Game In Development?

Microsoft has quite a few iconic and exclusive IPs to develop. The behemoth of a company is only growing at this point with the help of picking up the ZeniMax Media deal which buffs up their first-party studios. However, among the list of exclusives that Microsoft’s Xbox brand is known for, Halo is certainly one of the more recognizable IPs. In fact, we know that the 343 Industries studio has Halo Infinite in the works to help continue on the franchise. However, it looks like Microsoft’s 343 Industries studio may have another Halo game being developed that has yet to be announced.

While Bungie was the creators behind Halo and served as the developers for several of the original titles, the IP exchanged hands with 343 Industries while Bungie started work on their successor IP, Destiny. 343 Industries has since been focusing on Halo with their next big upcoming title release being Halo Infinite. The video game was highly anticipated and slated to release alongside Microsoft’s latest console platform, the Xbox Series X/S. However, as the game finally was showcased in a gameplay footage demonstration, the reception was lackluster.

Fans were quick to point out the different graphical flaws and the visuals that didn’t look to be on par with expectations for what was supposed to be the next-generation Halo. This backlash online ultimately forced 343 Industries to hold off on their release of Halo Infinite in order to continue developing a product that fans would be interested in. Since then, it looks like 343 Industries may have another Halo project in development.

This news comes from a job posting that shows 343 Industries in need of an individual to fill a producer role. We don’t have any details outside of that the producer is going to be working on a new project for the Halo universe. This could mean that we’re going to see another game that’s not based on the mainline installments as we’re still waiting for Halo Infinite to finally make its debut into the marketplace, but so far we’re not sure just when that will be. 

Source: Comicbook, Microsoft