Cyberpunk 2077: Yes, You Can Ride The Rollercoaster — Here’s How | Easter Egg Guide

The giant rollercoaster is unmissable on the southern coast of Night City. It’s one of the largest attractions in the entirety of Cyberpunk 2077 — and it’s fully functional. The region of Pacifica might be abandoned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the coaster working again. This is one of the coolest little Easter eggs in the game, and a surprisingly large number of people still don’t seem to know about it.

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How To Ride The Rollercoaster | Easter Egg Guide

On the coast of Pacifica, Coastview — the massive failed resort location — you’ll get a glimpse of a huge full-sized rollercoaster. Most of us (probably righfully) assumed it doesn’t work. And it doesn’t if you just check it out. You’ll have to do a little more.

The rollercoaster is available once you reach Act 2 in the story. That’s when the curfew is lifted, so you’re free to explore the entire city. Even if you’re underleveled for Pacifica, you should have no problem walking to the rollercoaster entrance booth.

Go to the Mega Ride gate area to get started — you’ll find the stopped coaster seating. Scan the cart and you’ll see that the power is out. Don’t give up yet — to the left of the cart, there’s a lower section under the railing with a walkway.

Repair this electrical box to restore power.

This maintenance area has a yellow “DANGER” electrical box. Interact with it to restore power to the coaster. Now you can return to the cart and choose to get in. Johnny will ever talk to you! He’ll ride right alongside you the entire time. Even Johnny gets scared.

As you ride, you can even interact to raise your hands. Watch for the island to the far east, and you’ll even get a glimpse of a space shuttle launch.

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