Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have New Update Within A Week

2020 was quite the hyped-up year for the video game industry. There were countless video game titles slated to launch along with the next-generation of video game console platforms. Then 2020 hit and we all found ourselves enduring a worldwide health pandemic outbreak. We’re still dealing with this pandemic and while both Sony and Microsoft managed to get their next-generation video game consoles out into the marketplace, several development studios can’t say the same thing about their video game projects.

We’ve seen countless projects get delayed out of 2020. This will hopefully make 2021 a year filled with video game releases, but some of those anticipated titles were a big blow for fans. Still, there is one fabled game that fans have been eagerly awaiting its arrival and nothing was going to stop the development team from delivering a copy to players. I’m referring to CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077.

This video game was hyped for years and we all couldn’t wait to get our hands on a copy. Even though several delays happened in 2020 for this game, the developers managed to get the copy out into the marketplace. However, it was clear that there was some work still needed to be done for this game. Bugs are everywhere in the title and there’s no chance you don’t encounter a few during a game session. The worst of it comes for last-generation consoles where CD Projekt Red had issued a statement that fans could get a refund if they don’t wish to wait for updates to release.

For those on PC and the latest generation of video game console platforms, it’s still a buggy mess. However, critics and fans are still thoroughly enjoying this game endlessly. I’ve managed to get quite a few hours logged into the game and I’m experiencing a bug that doesn’t allow me to continue the main storyline. In fact, I’m still really early into the storyline campaign but after sinking as many hours as I have on side quests I’m holding out like others waiting for an update that fixes my particular issue.

Fortunately, that could come in a week’s time. In the same tweet that CD Projekt Red released about the refunds for gamers, the development studio also noted that a new set of updates are coming with seven days. Afterward, a big patch will release in January with a follow-up patch slated to launch in February. We’re not sure just what updates will be coming out with these next patches but it does look like the aim is to get last-generation console platforms running a bit better with the game. However, you can still expect updates for the current-generation of video game consoles and PC platforms as well.

Source: Twitter