Spelunky 2 Wiki | Everything You Need To Know About The Secrets of Spelunky

spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is one of the most highly-acclaimed games of Fall 2020, and it’s also one of the most brutally difficult. Even reaching the first boss is going to be a challenge for some players — and fighting the true final boss? That’s something some of us might never accomplish.

But if you’ve played Spelunky 2, you’re probably curious about the many, many secrets the game has to offer. There are entire hidden routes you can follow to secret bosses, special weapons with 1-hit KO properties, or methods to help you steal all the stuff you’ll need. There’s a lot of stuff to learn about in Spelunky — almost too much! So we’re publishing all of our guides in one easy place to browse.

If there’s something you wanted to know about Spelunky 2 — or even something you had no idea you even wanted to check out, browse the links below for all our accumulated Spelunky knowledge.

General Guides – Tips & Tricks

Shopkeepers & Gold

How To Reach Secret Areas

Special Weapon Locations

Trophies & Easter Eggs

Hard Mode Route

That’s everything! We’ll add more Spelunky knowledge in the future. Just don’t drop your eggplant.