Spelunky 2: Use This Incredibly Easy Method To Take Out The Shopkeeper And Steal All His Stuff

There’s a question every Spelunky 2 player is asking themselves right at this very moment — how do I steal from the shopkeeper? Every shop spawns with four tantalizing items. If you don’t have the money, you can’t safely walk away with them, and stealing them is incredibly dangerous. Trying to fight the shopkeeper can be pretty scary. Every shopkeep whips out a shotgun and starts blasting if you cause any trouble.

There are plenty of methods, but this just might be the safest. Defeating the shopkeeper without destroying all his stuff or putting yourself in serious danger? That’s the dream, but this handy method is tried-and-tested by your’s truly. I’m sure this method made the rounds in the original Spelunky, and it returns here — using the simple rope, you can overcome the shopkeep and steal everything he’s got.

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Safe & Easy Method For Stealing From The Shopkeeper

To kill Shopkeepers easily, all you need is rope. Before attacking a shopkeeper, look and see if they have any explosive objects — when shot, certain items will explode. Shotguns, certain weapons, and bomb bags will explode when shot. Be very careful! When you’re ready, this is what you do.

  • How To Defeat A Shopkeeper: Walk up and stand directly on a shopkeeper. Launch a rope in his tiny cubby hole — he’ll be ejected out of the shop without his shotgun. Pick it up and shoot the shopkeeper. That’s it.

Sometimes, shopkeepers will drop keys — this only happens if there’s a locked room beneath the shop. Throw the key away if it drops and grab the shotgun instead. Shopkeepers are fast, even without weapons!

If there are bombs or other explosives in the shop, leave or walk past them before firing your shotgun and taking the shopkeeper out.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Killing a shopkeeper will mark you as an enemy for the rest of the game. You’ll grab a great weapon early, but more shopkeepers will hunt you down on each level. Any shopkeepers that spawn patrol their shops with weapons drawn, and they don’t spawn additional items. The level exits will also be guarded by a shopkeeper or two.

Basically, this is a high risk, high reward run. If there are multiple useful items that will make the rest of your run easy, then I recommend going for it. You can also use the handy shotgun to take out future shopkeepers in later areas, or use the cash to unlock shortcuts.