Spelunky 2: How To Fight The Secret Final Boss | Sunken City & Hundun Location Guide

No, not Olmec — a different guy.

There’s a second, secret final boss in Spelunky 2 — this is a game that’s packed with hidden content for only the most adventurous explorers, and Hundun is a boss nobody has defeated.

We first knew about Hundun thanks to fans deciphering the hidden trophies and Steam achievements, revealing some of the missing locations that aren’t yet on the list of known locations. Hundun hangs out in the Sunken City, a spooky lair that can only be reached with a very specific mount. Not even the jetpack can get you to this location.

To reach the Sunken City, you’ll need to unlock Duat and collect the Tablet of Destiny from one of the bosses there. The Tablet of Destiny is dropped by Osiris, so make sure to blast him with a couple of bombs. Sticky bombs do the trick. We’ve got all the info you need to reach Duat on a separate guide here.

The guide below explains everything you need to do next.

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How To Fight Hundun, The Secret Boss | Sunken City Location

To access the final hidden area, The Sunken City, you’ll need to reach Duat and collect the Tablet of Destiny. The harder final boss of The Sunken City is Hundun, and we really don’t know what it takes to beat this thing — a jetpack and a shotgun, for starters.

To reach it, follow these steps. For a quick reminder, I’ll go over the steps how to reach Duat.

  • Requirement: Need To Get the Tablet Of Destiny to begin the Sunken City path.
    • Get the Udjat Eye (1-2 / 1-3) from the chest with the gold key.
    • Purchase the Hedjet from the Black Market.
    • Access the bottom cave in 3-1 and climb to the top to find the Ankh.
    • Enter the Temple of Anubis (4-1) from a lower door in 3-1 and kill Anubis to gain the Scepter.
    • Find the City of Gold door in 4-2. It will open with the Scepter and Hedjet.
    • Find the large altar in the City of Gold. Fall from a tall height to die so your body lands on the altar. If you have the Ankh, you’ll revive.
    • Respawn in Duat. Climb to the (there’s no time limit) and kill Osiris to collect the Tablet of Destiny. Then kill Anubis to exit.

Once you have the Tablet of Destiny, you’re set to reach the Sunken City. It’s still very difficult, so prepare for a long trek down. Be prepared to play very, very carefully.

How To Access The Sunken City & Fight Hundun:

With the Tablet of Destiny, travel down to 6-2 and find the room with the strange figurines. Open your journal and check the Tablet of Destiny — it gives you three randomly-generated clues. One clue describes the condition of the figurine, one describes the material, and one describes the symbol. Collect the figurine that matches all three descriptions.

Go down to 6-3 and put down the figurine. It will break open and spawn Qilin, a flying mount. Now you need to reach 6-4, the final boss arena. Qilin can take four hits total, so play it safe.

In 6-4, you may or may not have to kill the boss Tiamat. Either way, fly up with Qilin and dodge lasers to find a secret optional exit door at the very top. Next, you’ll be able to enter the spooky Sunken City.

The Sunken City is a large area that leads straight down to Hundun, an even harder final boss. You’ll earn the Pilgrim trophy for reaching the Sunken City, and the Master trophy for defeating Hundun in 7-4. If you can make it that far.