Spelunky 2: How To Get The 1-Hit KO Excalibur Sword | Secret Weapon Guide

There’s an all-powerful weapon to claim in the Ice Caves of Spelunky 2, and getting it requires a little bit of effort. With the right item, you can pull the sword from the stone and claim Excalibur — a weapon that kills everything in one hit. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game, able to take out bosses and other bad guys with ease.

The problem is acquiring it. You’ll have to get a returning item — the Eye of Udjat. Fans of the original game know that you can use the eye to access a bonus area called Vlad’s Castle. The castle is packed with tough enemies and a boss character, but this time around you can claim an extra Crown. That crown is the item you need.

Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about? I’ll break down every step and explain how it work sin the full guide below.

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If you’ve made it to the Ice Caves, you might’ve discovered a strange sword in a stone. This is always in level 4-2 — but to pull the Excalibur, you must become a king. To become a king, you need to claim a crown.

The Excalibur is a close-range 1-hit KO weapon. It’s very similar to the Worm Tooth knife — let’s break down all the steps required to get it.

Step #1: Get The Udjat Eye

The Udjat Eye is a special artifact found in the Dwelling, the first area of the game. While progressing through the stages, look for a treasure room containing a locked chest. There will always be a gold key somewhere in the level.

Find the gold key, enter the room and open the chest to gain the Udjat Eye.

Step #2: Enter Vlad’s Castle

Vlad’s Castle returns in Spelunky 2. To get there, go to the Volcana region (alternate path from Dwelling — always use the right exit in the last Caves level) and search for a large drill in alien block.

With the Udjat Eye, the drill will activate and drop down. Follow the path down for an optional exit leading to Vlad’s Castle.

Step #3: Collect The Crown

Vlad’s Castle is a challenging level. Reach the top of the castle and defeat Vlad to claim the King’s Crown. Now you need to take it with you and progress all the way to the Ice Caves — which are the fourth biome.

Step #4: Pull The Sword From The Stone

Reach the Ice Caves by continuing down the dungeon path. Once you reach 4-2, look for a sword in the stone. If you have the Crown with you, you’ll be able to remove the sword and claim it.

The Excalibur Sword is extremely powerful, able to kill just about anything in a single swipe. Like other weapons, you can drop it — protect this sword with your life! And try not to fall into a lava pit.

And that’s it! That’s how to get one of the best weapons in the game. Sure, it isn’t an explosion alien bazooka, but this weapon will absolutely help you survive way longer.