Spelunky 2: Use This Trick To Beat The Tutorial In 30 Seconds Or Less | Track Star Trophy Guide

To earn the ‘Track Star’ trophy in Spelunky 2, you’ll need to beat the tutorial area in 30 seconds or less. That sounds tough — normally you’ll need precise timing and lots of practice. But there’s an easier way to complete this challenge. It still requires a little practice, but if you can master one tricky bomb throw, the rest is a breeze.

Spelunky 2 is the next big rogue-like — it’s reviewing absurdly well, even though it’s crushingly difficult. There’s something fun in the clockwork machinations of this game — how everything reacts to everything else. A giant hammer trap can smash through the floor, destroying a ghost vase, summoning a killer ghost, and touching the edge of a shop, turning every shopkeeper into a shotgun-toting maniac after your blood. One wrong move is all it takes to fail. And there are people crazy enough to speedrun this game!

Well, we’re not going to speedrun the entire game. This is just for one specific tutorial-based achievement. Put on your bomb-throwing gloves and prepare to blast your way to victory.

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How To Earn The Track Star Trophy

[Work-in-Progress: The second strategy explained here isn’t fully tested yet! We’ve discussed it with players claiming to have completed it through this method.]

You can access the tutorial area through the door to the left of the large cave entrance — it’s the small door to the left of the ladder, under the Under-Construction area where future shortcuts paths can be unlocked. Make sure you’re attempting the speedrun challenge! Just running through this area normally won’t work.

How To Unlock The Speedrun Challenge: Unlock some extra character by progressing in the game, then return to the area. Read the sign and talk to the NPC here twice to begin.

To earn the ‘Track Star’ trophy, you need to complete the tutorial area in 30 seconds or less. Instead of perfecting your run, you can create a shortcut that makes this a breeze.

  • Tutorial Speedrun:
    • Hang off the first ledge and drop down to avoid taking damage.
    • Jump the gap to the bomb bag and throw a bomb in the corner.
    • Blast and rush to the rope. Grab the ropes from the crate, and throw a bomb up and toward the water pool wall — the explosion will blow a hole near the water.
    • Right after throwing the bomb, use the rope to reach the hole and run through.
    • Use your extra rope on the water — throw it so it lands right next to the fake-spider chain.
    • Climb the ladder and then climb the rope. Use your last rope to climb the final stretch.

And that’s it! That’s the straightforward method. Using the bomb to blast a hole near the water pool, allowing you to skip the climb up and back down, saves you a few seconds. The trick is just getting through the rest of the track fast.

There’s an alternate way to speedrun. If you want to cheat, you can use the bombs to blast a hole in the roof and then use the ropes to reach the exit.

Specifically, you need to blast open the roof with one bomb — then use another to the left, and another bomb to reach the ropes. You need all three ropes to exit. One to climb through the hole you generated (leading to the area with the stone), one to climb up the high cliff, and one to finally return to the entrance area.

The tricky part is timing your bomb through to blast a hole in the roof. From the bomb pick-up, throw the bomb to the right just before it explodes — if you’re caught in the blast, you’ll die. Collect the bomb, run to the left wall, drop one, then throw after three seconds. If you get the timing right, you’ll blast a hole in the ceiling.

You have to be precise. You need 1 bomb to blast the ceiling, 2 bombs to reach the ropes, and three ropes to reach the exit. All three ropes have to be used for the escape path, so don’t miss your throws!

If you learn the one tricky part of this path (throwing the bomb and blasting the ceiling) then the rest is a cakewalk. You’ll be able to reach the exit with time to spare.