Spelunky 2 Now Available for PS4 and PC; New Launch Trailer Released

Developer Mossmouth has finally launched the long-awaited highly anticipated sequel to one of the best rogue platformer titles of the generation — Spelunky.

Spelunky 2 is now available for the PS4 and PC, and gamers are ecstatic. The wait is over and we can get back to explore caves, digging deeper, and hopefully reaching the end. With new modes, features, and changes made to the game, both longtime fans and newcomers will be introduced to a whole new world, which is Spelunky 2. The launch trailer for the game is now available to watch and if you were waiting for Spelunky 2, you won’t want to miss this trailer!

Check out the launch trailer for Spelunky 2 down below:

Meet the next generation of explorers as they find themselves on the Moon, searching for treasure and missing family. Spelunky 2 builds upon the unique, randomized challenges that made the original a classic, offering a huge adventure designed to satisfy players old and new.

Explore the game alone, play locally with up to four players, or, for the first time, join up with friends online to unravel its mysteries together (or battle it out in competitive Arena modes). Spelunky 2’s world is even denser than the one in the original game, offering more areas, characters, traps, and items, as well as new ways to interact with them (and for them to interact with each other). The world has expanded in other ways, too, with branching paths and multi-layered levels adding a third dimension to the classic 2d platforming gameplay.

In related news, with the game’s highly anticipated release finally here, a bunch of gamers are probably going to hop onto the game right away.

If you’re a fan of the original Spelunky, then you’ll know the game had some challenging tasks, hidden features, and more players had to learn while playing the game. However, to save you some time, we here at Gameranx have a ton of helpful guides for Spelunky 2. Make sure to check out our 20 tips to help you out in Spelunky 2 right here!

Spelunky 2 is now available for the Playstation 4 and PC. Are you excited to jump into the sequel title? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube