Spelunky 2: Earn Tons Of Gold With These Secret Methods & Tricks | Hidden Gold Guide

The Gold Monkey poops gold!

Money is your most valuable resource in Spelunky 2. With gold, you can safely purchase more bombs, ropes, and gear to make your trip to the bottom of the ever-changing dungeon a lot easier. And Spelunky 2 includes some pretty wacky ways to earn extra cash. There are way more methods for earning big dollars in Spelunky 2, and we’re going to list all the money-making methods here.

Some of these methods require a lot of luck, while others will appear in every single stage. None of these methods will trigger the shopkeepers to attack you either — that’s one thing we’re all trying to avoid for long-term runs. Short-term that’s a good strategy, but if you want to survive for long, that’s a very dangerous proposition. So we’re taking a safer route this time.

For all the wacky and weird methods to spawn tons of cash, check out the guide below. We’ll add more money-making methods as they’re discovered.

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Secret Ways To Earn Tons Of Gold

The Gold Pooping Monkey: Deliver a caveman and a gold statue head to a Kali statue to get a gold monkey. This monkey doesn’t attack — it follows you around and poops gold!

The Pot O’ Gold: Defeat a leprechaun to spawn a 4-Leaf Clover. Grab it, and search the map — if you can find the rainbow marker on the map, bomb / dig the area to reveal a pot of gold. Hit the pot to spawn up to 10,000 gold! Leprechauns start to spawn in biome 2L and 2R.

The All-Seeing Treasure Eye: Collect the Eye of Udjat in the Dwelling (first zone) — look for a gold key to unlock the chest. This allows you to see all treasure hidden in the environment.

Cursed Pots: Smash the vases with ghost faces to gain 5,000 coins. It summons a ghost instantly — you can pick up the pot and throw it to curse enemies!

Turkey Lords: In the Dwelling, you’ll sometimes find Turkey Lords. These wranglers want you to bring two lost turkeys to their pen. Put all three in the pen, and you’ll get a key to a treasure room. It isn’t much, but if you have time and turkeys, it’s worth doing.

The City Of Gold: The legendary City of Gold is where you’ll find a truly insane amount of cash. Everything is made of gold! Reaching it is tough — the gold door spawns in 4-2, but you’ll need two specific items to unlock it. Well, actually four.

  • Collect the Udjat Eye from the chest. The key and chest spawn in 1-2 or 1-3.
  • Use the Udjat Eye to find the secret entrance to the Black Market in the jungle. The Black Market door appears in 2-2, 2-3, or 2-4. When you’re close, the Udjat Eye will blink and then glow.
  • Go to the Black Market and purchase the Hedjet.
  • Continue down to the Olmec boss fight. Reach the very bottom of his lair and enter a cave. Follow the caves to the top to gain the Ankh.
  • Enter the Temple of Anubis from Olmec’s Lair. In 4-1, defeat Anubis to collect his Scepter.
  • Use the Scepter and Hedjet to open the City of Gold door in 4-2.

Complicated enough? That’s the quickest explanation, and it still requires a ton of work. If you’re good enough, you can reach the City of Gold and reap the benefits.