Spelunky 2: How To Unlock Every Bonus Character | Secret Character Locations Guide

New characters appear in coffins like this.

You better believe there are bonus characters to unlock in Spelunky 2. There are ninjas, robots, and other additional little people you can add to your playable roster if you search for secrets hard enough. These wacky extra characters don’t really add anything to the game — they don’t give you extra powers or playstyles. They’re just for a little visual variety.

And we’re going to (try) and find them all. Already there are way more of these extra characters laying around, and Spelunky 2 is a ridiculously difficult game as-is. There’s no guarantee you’ll ever complete it. But even if you don’t get close, you can make sure to grab these bonus buddies on your infinite playthroughs.

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All Bonus Character Locations

[Work-in-Progress: We’ll add more bonus characters and pictures as we discover them!]

Bonus Characters will always spawn in coffins as you explore stages. These coffins will contain a bonus playable character — once they’re unlocked, if you find a repeat coffin in later playthroughs, they’ll spawn a generic NPC helper instead.

Playable characters don’t have any special effects. They’re just cool bonus characters! Some of these guys are extremely difficult to find, and you’ll need some luck to locate them. Just keep trying and you’ll eventually spot these guys spawning somewhere you might actually reach them.

  • Alto Singh: Always spawns in 1-4, under the Quillback boss.
  • Liz: Always spawns in 2-1, in the first Jungle area.
  • Jay: Spawns in one of the Tide Pool levels.
  • Valerie: Spawns in one of the Temple of Anubis levels.
  • Retro Spelunker: Defeat Hundun and complete the Sunken City route.
  • Au: Always spawns in the City of Gold.
  • Guy Spelunky: Defeat the final boss and complete one full run.
  • Lise Project: Always spawns in 2R-1. Appears in a coffin in the first Volcana Stage.
  • Nekka: Always appears in the Black Market — the Black Market is a secret location accessible through 2L (Jungle) with the Udjat Eye.
  • Coco Von Diamonds: Always appears in Vlad’s Castle — Vlad’s Castle is a secret location accessible through 2R (Volcana) by using the Udjat Eye on the giant drill.
  • Demi: Coffin spawns in the Yeti Cave, an optional area in the Ice Caves.
  • Pilot: Always appears in the Mothership, a secret area accessible through the Ice Caves.
  • Princess Airyn: Spawns in a coffin that always appears in Neo-Babylon.
  • Manfred Von Tunnel: Found in a coffin that spawns in the optional Ankh cave in Olmec’s Lair 3-1. The Ankh Cave is accessible from the bottom of the arena.
  • Dirk: This character can only be found in the Sunken City. The coffin is found inside one of the giant frogs.
  • Tina Flan: This character spawns in a coffin that always appears in the optional Abzu area.

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