Spelunky 2: The Item Compendium | What Every Item Does & How To Get Them All

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While delving the depths of Spelunky 2, you’ll encounter tons of weird items — and it isn’t always obvious what these items actually do. What does a pot of paste do? Or a powerpack? We’ve got a full list of items and what they can do for your extremely kill-able spelunker in the guide below.

Along with item descriptions, you’ll also find a complete list of item locations — where to find them, or all the steps required to collect them. Some of these items require accessing complicated Easter egg zones or secret biomes. We’ve got a lot more guides covered every aspect of Spelunky 2 if you’re needing help with any of these items. Just check out the Spelunky 2 wiki.

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The Complete Item List

Scroll down to find every item in the game. These items are split between how they’re used, how they’re equipped, and how to get them.

Standard Equipment

Bombs and ropes! These are your more common items.

  • Bomb Bag: Contains 3 bombs. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Bomb Box: Contains 10 bombs. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Rope Pile: Contains 3 ropes. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.

Healing Items

Rare healing items. These special items give you +1 or even +6 HP.

  • Cooked Turkey: Healing item that gives +1 HP. Dropped by Quillback in 1-4, or rewarded for earning +6 Sacrifice Points at a Kali Altar.
  • Elixir: Special healing item that cures poison and curse. Can only be found
  • Royal Jelly: Powerful healing item that gives +6 HP. Can be earned from Kali’s Altar or dropped by a Queen Bee.


Weapons are tools you carry in your hand. You can only carry one-at-a-time, but they can be discarded at any time. Most weapons have unlimited uses, but some can only be used a limited amount of times.

  • Boomerang: Thrown weapon that shoots forward and then returns to you. Found on enemies in Jungle. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Broken Sword: Special sword generated if you attempt to clone the Excalibur with the Clone Gun.
  • Camera: A flash camera that can stun enemies and call certain weaker monsters. The flash is bright enough to briefly light-up dark levels. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Clone Gun: Gun with three shots that makes a copy of anything it shoots. Can only be acquired by completing the Star Challenge in the Tidepool.
  • Crossbow: A bow that fires a bolt straight forward. To fire again, you need to recollect the bolt. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Excalibur: Powerful melee weapon required to defeat the boss of Abzu. Can only be acquired by gaining the Crown from Vlad’s Castle and pulling the sword from the stone in the Tidepools.
  • Freeze Ray: A gun that shoots a beam that freezes enemies. A frozen enemy can be easily destroyed. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Hou Yi’s Bow: Special bow that is required to unlock the Cosmic Ocean when combined with the Arrow of Light. Can only be acquired by searching the Moon Challenge in Jungle / Volcana.
    • Arrow of Light: Unique arrow that unlocks the Cosmic Ocean when used in conjunction with Hou Yi’s Bow. Can only be acquired from the Sun Challenge in Neo Babylon.
  • Kapala: Powerful knife that causes blood droplets to appear from defeated enemies. Collecting the blood will heal you. Can only be earned by sacrificing to the Kali Altar — requires 12 Sacrifice Points.
    • Sacrificing 2 living pets will earn the Kapala.
  • Machete: Large melee weapon that can also cut through webs and bramble in Jungle. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Mattock: Pickaxe that can dig through ground tiles for a limited amount of times. Breaks after use. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Metal Shield: Heavy shield that blocks attacks and reflects weapons. Can kill enemies by crushed them between the wall and your shield. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Plasma Cannon: Powerful energy gun that fires explosive shots. Can be acquired from shops (very rarely) or in the Mothership.
  • Scepter: Magical weapon that can unlock the path to the City of Gold when combined with the Hedjet. Can only be acquired by defeating Anubis in the Temple of Anubis.
  • Shotgun: The standard shotgun. Very powerful with high recoil. All shopkeepers are equipped with one. Kill one to get a free shotgun. Also sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Teleporter: Teleports you forward when used. Kills enemies if you teleport into them, and kills you instantly if you teleport into a wall. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Webgun: Shoots a spiderweb that can trap enemies and projectiles. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Wooden Shield: Shield that blocks projectiles. Dropped by Tiki Men enemies in the Jungle.


These are permanent upgrades. Once you equip them, you’ll have them forever.

  • Alien Compass: Used to find the Mothership entrance in the Ice Caves (5-1). Can only be acquired by freeing Van Horseling in Volcana and then entering Vlad’s Castle. Allow Van Horseling to kill Vlad to obtain the Alien Compass.
  • Ankh: Powerful upgrade that revives you after dying once. Required to enter the secret areas Duat and Abzu. Can only be acquired by reaching the bottom of 3-1, and then climbing to the top of the cave.
  • Climbing Gloves: Stick to walls and cling. Push toward the wall to grab and cling. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Compass: Shows the location of the current level exit. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Parachute: One-time-use item. Automatically deploys if you fall from a great height. Slows your fall until you jump out of the parachute. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Paste: Turns bombs into sticky bombs. They’ll stick onto any surface before exploding. Sold in shops, dropped from crates, or dropped from Giant Spiders in the Jungle.
  • Pitcher’s Mitt: Thrown items are shot straight forward at faster speed, instead of thrown in an arc. Also items thrown at you can be caught if you’re currently not holding anything. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Skeleton Key: Special key that unlocks locked doors and chests. Can be used infinitely. Won’t unlock the Udjat Eye chest. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Spectacles: Reveals hidden gems and gold. Doesn’t reveal secret level locations like the Udjat Eye. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Spike Shoes: Deal x3 double damage to enemies when jumping on them, allows you to walk on thorns safely. When walking on ice, you won’t slip. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Spring Shoes: Increases jump height by double. Sold in shops or dropped from crates.
  • Udjat Eye: Special item that reveals gems in the ground, and the secret entrances to the bonus levels in Jungle / Volcana. Can only be acquired by finding a gold key and using it to unlock a chest in 1-2 / 1-3.

Back Upgrades

These upgrades are worn on your back. You can only carry one at a time — and with the exception of the cape, exposing your backpack unit to fire or damage will cause it to explode.

  • Cape: Slows down falls when holding the jump button. Allows you to avoid damage from long falls or spikes. Sold in shops or dropped by crates.
  • Hoverpack: Gives the player an unlimited hover double-jump. Jump mid-air to activate hover, allowing you to move left / right infinitely. Sold in shops or dropped by crates.
  • Jetpack: Gives a limited boost that allows you to fly for a short time. Sold in shops or dropped by crates.
  • Powerpack: Makes your weapons more powerful. Adds a fire effect to your whip, and bombs thrown are much bigger. Sold in shops or dropped by crates.
  • Telepack: Gives the player a teleportation double-jump. Press a direction mid-air to instantly teleport in any four directions. If you teleport into a wall, you will kill yourself. Sold in shops or dropped by crates.
  • Vlad’s Cape: Special cape that gives you all the powers of the cape, and a double-jump. Can only be acquired by defeating Vlad in Vlad’s Castle.

Special & Secret Items

Items that are only used for Hard-Mode runs, or have no other function than to unlock other areas / Easter eggs belong here.

  • Crown: King’s Crown that is used to acquire the Excalibur sword. Can only be found by defeating Vlad in Vlad’s Castle.
  • Curse Pot: Special pot that always drops a +5000 gold diamond. Throwing it at an enemy or yourself will curse with ash. Breaking the pot summons a ghost. One spawns on every level.
  • Idol: Gold head statue that randomly spawns in deadly traps. Bring to a shop or the level exit for a gold reward.
    • Tusk Idol: Special valuable idol variant that can only be acquired from Madame Tusk’s Dice Game.
  • Eggplant: Special carriable item that is used to summon the Eggplant Child and reach the Eggplant Level. Place a present box on a Kali Altar to get an Eggplant reward.
  • Eggplant Crown: Special Easter egg crown obtained from the Eggplant Level. Can only be obtained by reaching the Sunken City with the Eggplant Child.
  • Four-Leaf Clover: Collecting gives you +2 minutes on your timer before a ghost arrives, and generates a rainbow where a pot of gold spawns. Can only be obtained by defeating a leprechaun enemy.
  • Hedjet: Crown that can be used to access the City of Gold in combination with Anubis’s Scepter. Can only be purchased / stolen from the Black Market.
  • Tablet of Destiny: Unique item required to access the Sunken City. The tablet gives clues to acquire the correct Ushabti statue in 6-2 / 6-3. Acquired by defeating the boss of Duat / Abzu.
  • True Crown: The ultimate crown. Related to the final secret. Currently unknown.
  • Ushabti: Little statues found in 6-2 — collect the correct statue with the clues obtained from the Tablet of Destiny, then smash the correct Ushabti in 6-3 to summon a pet called Qilin.

And that’s all the items! If there’s something we missed, we’ll add it to the complete list soon.