Spelunky 2: Everything You Can Earn With The Kali Altar | Secret Items Guide

The mysterious Kali Altar can be your best friend or worst enemy in Spelunky 2. This strange sacrificial altar might seem blasphemous, but you’re free to use it without any negative consequences. The only way the bloody shrines can hurt you is if you damage them with bombs or explosive blasts — then you’ll be cursed for the rest of your run. Not a great thing when the game is so hard already.

To stay alive longer, I highly recommend using the Kali Altar as much as you can. To use it, drop a dead (or unconscious) enemy or animal onto the altar. They’ll automatically be sacrificed, and you’ll get a special reward in return. There are certain secret rewards you can earn, including tons of gold, extra HP, and a very useful knife.

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All Rewards From The Kali Altar

The Kali Altar, a blood-covered shrine that spawns randomly in every biome of Spelunky 2, can give you rewards for sacrificing enemies or NPCs.

  • Sacrifices Breakdown:
    • Dead enemies give 1 sacrifice point.
    • Unconscious enemies give 3 sacrifice points.
    • Unconscious dog / damsel gives 6 sacrifice points.

The dog is the most valuable sacrifice in the game, giving you a full 6 points for each sacrifice. But only if the dog is still alive. Try to sacrifice the dog as often as possible — you’ll actually earn way more HP than if you simply bring the dog to the exit door.

  • Kali Altar Rewards:
    • Cooked Turkey: Earn 6 sacrifice points to get this turkey that heals +1 HP.
    • Kapala Knife: Earn 12 sacrifice points to get a special knife that drops healing blood from defeated enemies.
    • Royal Jelly: Earn 18 sacrifice points — this unique healing items give +6 HP.
    • Eggplant: Sacrifice a present box to spawn the eggplant.
    • Gold Monkey: Sacrifice a gold Idol heal to spawn a friendly monkey NPC that poops gold.

And that’s everything you can get from the Kali Altar. There might be more as players continue to experiment, so we’ll add anything new we haven’t discovered yet to this list.