Serious Sam 4: How To Enable Cheat Menu & Console Commands| Codes List

Cheats are as consistent as decapitated bombers in the Serious Sam series — and Serious Sam 4 has a whole lot of cheats you can use to unlock everything, spawn items or enemies, or just mess around in some weird ways. You can type in the cheats or open a cheat menu to activate them. It’s all your choice, and we’ll cover how to use cheats below.

WARNING: Enabling cheats will disable achievements and score for your current game, even if you disable cheats later.

More game cheats:

How To Enable Cheats

To enable cheats, press tilde [`] or F1 to access the console window. Then type in the following codes:

  • For The Cheat Menu:
    • cht_bEnableCheats=1
  • For Developer Cheats:
    • cht_bEnableCheats=3

Enabling “cht_bEnableCheats=1” will unlock the Cheat Menu. To access the cheat menu, pause [Esc] then press [F3] to open the menu. Here you can choose to Skip Levels, spawn monsters, or toggle cheats on / off.

Enabling “cht_bEnableCheats=3” will unlock Developer Cheats. This allows you to input console commands for special effects you won’t find in the Cheat Menu.

Cheats like “God Mode” are only available in Developer Cheats. To activate a Developer Cheat, input a code from the cheats list below.

Cheats List

Press tilde [`] or [F1] to open the console window and input cheat commands. “1” or “0” will toggle a cheat on or off. A “#” requires a number.

  • cht_bGod [God Mode]
  • cht_bUnlockMentalMode [Enable Mental Mode]
  • cht_bAutoAim [Auto Aim]
  • cht_bGhost [Enable NoClip]
  • cht_bInvisible [Enable Invisibility]
  • cht_bTurbo [Enable Turbo Speed]
  • cht_bFly [Enable Fly]
  • cht_bInfiniteAmmo [Enable Infinite Ammo]
  • cht_bGiveAll [Give All Weapons]
  • chtGiveAmmo# [Give Set Ammo]
  • cht_slGiveHealth [Gives Health]
  • ch_slGiveArmor [Gives Armor]
  • cht_slGiveSkillPoints [Gives All Skill Points]
  • cht_slResetSkills [Resets Skills]
  • cht_bKillAll [Kills All Enemies]
  • cht_bKillBoss [Kills Boss Enemy]
  • chtClearGameProgress# [Start A New Game]
  • chtJumpToChapter# [Skip To A Chapter]
  • chtJumpToFirstChapter# [Skip To First Chapter]
  • chtJumpToNextChapter# [Skip To Next Chapter]
  • chtJumpToNextLevel# [Skip To Level]
  • chtGiveWeapon# [Give Weapon]
  • cht_bPassThroughPlasmaWalls [Enables Passing Through Plasma Walls]
  • cht_bInfiniteStamina [Enable Infinite Stamina]

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