Spelunky 2: The Eggplant Returns With New Easter Eggs | Eggplant Child Guide

Image Source: [Polygon]

One of the biggest secrets of Spelunky 1 — or really any game ever — involved an eggplant. For sacrificing a present box at the Shrine of Kali, you’d receive an eggplant. What did it do? Well, nothing really… except throwing it at the true final boss transformed his head into an eggplant. You can see the results above, but achieving this Easter egg took years and many attempts by brave souls.

So the big question is: what does the eggplant do in Spelunky 2? We’ve investigated, and found a few secrets related to the eggplant, but who knows if all the mysteries have been discovered yet. Throwing the eggplant at the final boss or the true final boss seems to have no effect. There’s still a use for the eggplant, including a bunch of rewards and a ridiculous trophy. Let’s delve into the mysteries of the eggplant below.

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The Eggplant Easter Egg | What You Need To Know

The Eggplant is a unique (and useless item) you can get by sacrificing a present box on a bloody altar. Present Boxes randomly appear in shops, and breaking them results in a random item roll. But, if you sacrifice the unopened box to the Kali Altar, you’ll earn an eggplant.

Why? Present boxes are rare, and you might never see one in an entire run. The eggplant is a held item, so you can’t take a weapon with you if you’re carrying it. It’s seemingly completely useless. But the eggplant does have a use in Spelunky 2.

With the Eggplant, you can unlock the ‘Parenthood’ trophy. Here’s how it works.

  • Parenthood Trophy Guide
    • Acquire the Eggplant by placing a present box (acquiring by a vendor, spawns randomly) on a bloody altar. You’ll get an Eggplant in exchange.
    • Take the Eggplant all the way down to the Ice Caves 5-1. Place the Eggplant on the purple altar.
    • The eggplant will hatch and become the Eggplant Child!

Yes, this time around, you can acquire your very own Eggplant NPC. Getting him down to 5-1 is absurdly difficult, but there’s more you can do with the Eggplant Child. Continuing down to Neo-Babylon, you’ll find a strange Yama-shaped door.

And There’s More To The Eggplant Easter Egg:

Yama is the true final boss of Spelunky 1 — if you have the Eggplant Child with you, the Yama door in Neo Babylon will open. There’s nothing too important inside, just a load of treasure and item rewards. It’s another elaborate Easter egg that’s ridiculously tough to discover, but players were way faster on the uptake this time around.

There’s an even better Easter egg waiting in the Sunken City. If you manage to take the Eggplant Child to 7-2, you’ll reach a totally new area — it’s an entire Eggplant Level! This is just a single level, and you’ll return to the Sunken City once you exit to 7-3. Still, this is an impressively ridiculous addition.

There might be more to the Eggplant Child than we know. Spelunky 2 is way, way harder than the original, so here’s hoping skilled players will discover more Eggplant Child mysteries in the near future.