Spelunky Dev Unveils Retro-Fuelled UFO 50 Collection

Derek Yu, who you might recognise as Mossmouth, really hit the big time with underground platformer Spelunky. According to his recent announcement on Twitter, his next joint project is going to be a celebration of retro-gaming called UFO 50—which as the title suggests, includes 50 games. The story behind the collection is unabashedly quirky: All the games were created in the 1980s by an obscure, fictitious company that was ahead of its time.

The trailer shows off a range of different genres spanning shumps, RPGs and puzzle games, and best of all, there will be both singleplayer and multiplayer options. Mossmouth is collaborating with several other independent developers, such as Moppin (Downell), Aarkipel (Skorpulac) and Paul Hubans (Madhouse).

Considering the current resurgence of nostalgic games and gaming hardware (I’m looking at you, NES Classic), it seems like Mossmouth is striking while the iron’s hot. UFO 50 is expected to release during 2018 for PC, and eventually other platforms. The price point is still undetermined but the developers are focused on making it accessible.