Hello Games Announce Next Update for No Man’s Sky, Coming Next Week

Hello Games has taken to the official website for their randomly generated space exploration title, No Man’s Sky.

Titled as Origins, the new update will further push No Man’s Sky’s gameplay mechanics and worldbuilding. Head director from Hello Games, Sean Murray, took to their blog to discuss a little about the update.

There was not a lot to talk about, as the full set of patch notes is set to release next week; however, Murray did note that with each new update, No Man’s Sky improves vastly from before. And with Origins is planning to do the same!

Check out the official announcement from Hello Games down below:


Next week Hello Games will be releasing an update to No Man’s Sky. We’re calling it ORIGINS.

Detailed patch notes will follow, along with next week’s release.

Four years ago we announced FOUNDATION, our first major update for No Man’s Sky, we promised “It won’t be our largest update, but it is the start of something”. Those words were true at the time, and they ring true for Origins. We called it Origins because it is the beginning of something new, as No Man’s Sky continues to grow and evolve.

Beyond came out last year, bringing VR and hugely expanded Online play, and since then we have focused on releasing more regular updates. SYNTHESISBYTEBEATLIVING SHIPEXO MECHCROSSPLAY, and DESOLATION have been some of our most popular, surprising and transformative updates – leading No Man’s Sky to have its biggest year to date.

We know there is a huge appetite in the community for No Man’s Sky content, and the team has worked our socks off this year to deliver in difficult circumstances. We have been quiet, but we are always listening and focusing on improving the game that our team loves and feels so passionately about.

This update will be another small step in a longer journey. We hope you can join us.

Thank you,

No Man’s Sky has had a resurgence in popularity, and it’s finally coming to Xbox One. Already available on PS4 and PC, No Man’s Sky is a procedurally-generated open-world exploration game where you fly through the galaxy, documenting the strange new planets you discover.

Since the extremely rocky release, the developers have gone above and beyond to make their game something truly special, and now the game is getting a bunch of updates to enhance accessibility, VR support, and much more. Check out our helpful guides for No Man’s Sky right here!

No Man’s Sky: Origins update is set to release next week on all platforms. Stay tuned to gameranx as we will be following the upcoming update closely. Are you excited for the Origins update? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Hello Games