No Man’s Sky: 5 New Mind-Blowing Features | VR, Cross-Play & Text Accessibility

No Man’s Sky has had a resurgence in popularity, and it’s finally coming to Xbox One. Already available on PS4 and PC, No Man’s Sky is a procedurally-generated open-world exploration game where you fly through the galaxy, documenting the strange new planets you discover.

Since the extremely rocky release, the developers have gone above and beyond to make their game something truly special, and now the game is getting a bunch of updates to enhance accessibility, VR support, and much more. We’re going to list the 5 best new features in the 6/11 patch.

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#1: No Man’s Sky Now Has Crossplay With PS4, PC & Xbox One

NMS multiplayer will now include players on all platforms — that means PC, PS4, and Xbox One players can all play together and get added as in-game friends. You’ll see the platform of choice as an icon next to player names, and you’ll be able to target players much easier to see their names.

This is just a natural addition, so there’s nothing you need to do. NMS is one of the few games with this handy feature, and we’re thankful for it. But it’s just one of several surprising accessibility options for players to take advantage of.

#2: No Man’s Sky Is Included With The Microsoft Game Pass On PC & Xbox One

If you’re a subscriber to the Microsoft Game Pass monthly service, you’ll have access to No Man’s Sky on both Xbox One and PC. You’ll need to download the Beta Xbox Game Pass app on PC to access the game on PC, but it’s easy to get on Xbox One. You’ll be able to start downloading as of June 11th.

#3: You Can Now See Yourself In VR

NMS fully supports VR, and now it’s getting a little better. Now you can flip on an option to see your body — your arms, your feet, your whole torso — everything is modelled! It looks great, and closely matches your VR finger movements. That’s pretty advanced for a game that didn’t originally support VR at all.

#4: You Can Access New Accessibility Options — Included Speech-To-Text

Not everyone can talk. Now you can communicate with players easier — both with a headset and without. In the Network settings, you can swap a toggle to activate speech-to-text, turning other players (and your) speech into text for everyone to read. Its great for players that need that extra aid, and it isn’t the only unique accessibility option.

#5: And That Includes An Automatic Translator… Yes Really

This one blows my mind. Hidden in the patch notes, you can access an automatic translator that doesn’t just turn speech into text, but also can translate text. That’s right — other languages can be translated in real time in text form. You’ll be able to (sort of) understand players from all around the world. If you’re at all familiar with Google Translate you know these programs aren’t exactly perfect. Still, this is an awesome step forward, and hopefully players from many different countries can work together unlike ever before.

That’s all the best new features in incoming updates for No Man’s Sky — you can find the full patch notes here!