No Man’s Sky BEYOND: How To Tame (& Ride!) Creatures | Pet Guide

Have you always dreamed of riding the randomly-generated alien creatures in No Man’s Sky? Now you can make any creature into a mount with the new taming system. Not only can you ride tamed creatures, you can also bring them back to your base and harvest them for cooking ingredients. Don’t worry — we’re not talking about slaughtering your newfound friends! Think more along the lines of eggs, milk, or ‘harvestable clusters’. Sounds delicious, right?

The new taming system is tied into the cooking system. You’ll need to craft some bait to calm these critters down. It’s all very straightforward, but I’ll explain everything in the quick guide below.

No Man’s Sky BEYOND adds a ton of new features to this expansive space-exploration game. Now you can meet with friends in the new NEXUS hub and go on missions throughout the galaxy from the quantum Space Anomaly. Not only are there more activities to do together, you’ll also be able to farm animals, play in VR, and get even options for progressing your unique character.

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How To Tame (& Ride!) Creatures | Pet Guide

Taming creatures is a totally new feature that’s only available in the No Man’s Sky BEYOND update. Taming creatures allows you to ‘harvest’ peaceful creatures for cooking ingredients like eggs, milk, and alien clusters. Each strange creature might have a new cooking ingredient, and doesn’t require killing them!

To start taming, you’ll need to experiment with the Advanced Nutrient Processor. You can purchase the Advanced Nutrient Processor from the Space Anomaly vendor for 10 Salvaged Data.

Now you can begin to produce Advanced Bait. Each creature you scan has a different Advanced Bait they like — scan them with the Analysis Visor then look at the top of the creature profile. It’s right above the ‘age’!

Under Utilities, you can check out a full list of Creature Bait. Go hunting for flora — planets have way more flora now — and animal dung to create the bait you need. Go hunting for Mordite (plants, dead creatures) and Faecium (dung), then search out extra special new flora variants to make the bait.

To fully tame your new animal friend, all you have to do is feed it the proper advanced bait. You can use regular bait to lure it close, but only advanced bait will make it peaceful and friendly to you.

Once a creature is tamed, you can ride it around or harvest it for more unique cooking materials! Don’t worry, this won’t hurt your friend — it’s just milk, eggs, or more exotic alien goods.

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