No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rising – How To Join Friends Online | Co-op Guide

Image Source: [DesignationG on Reddit]
Multiplayer has finally arrived in No Man’s Sky, included in the oftentimes mysterious Atlas Rising update. You can finally find other players in the vast galaxy and explore planets — don’t think of it as “multiplayer” — it’s really joint exploration. Interaction is extremely limited, but you can still talk to friends (or strangers) online.

Basically, online fulfills the original (semi) promise of a No Man’s Sky interconnected, always online galaxy. Two players in the exact same spot, at the exact same time can see each other in the form of these strange blue orbs. Their user name appears over the orbs, designated “Traveler Entities” and considered glitches in the galactic simulation. Up to 16 of these traveler entities can appear in one zone, and they only appear while on the ground. Hopping into a vehicle or starship causes these figures to disappear.

There’s a little bit more to know when it comes to the traveler entities, so check out everything you can do — and share — with the quick rundown below.

How To Join Friends Online | Co-op Guide

NOTE: PS+ is NOT required to talk to / meet other players online. Joint exploration is not yet available on GOG Galaxy.

Traveler Entities are the spectral “simulation glitches” that appear when two or more players convene in the exact same location. You cannot interact with other players in any way — except for one. Using VOIP (Voice Over IP) you can talk to nearby traveler entities in the environment, but you have to stay close to¬† hear each other.

  • You can’t kill, shoot, or loot traveler entities. They can explore with you on the ground in planets, and you can talk to them over VOIP.
  • Traveler entities cannot interact with your environment. If they change a planet using terrain editing, the changes will not appear while you’re together.
  • Up to 16 traveler entities can convene in one location.
  • Bases and planets can be explored with friends — find the planetary portal and learn the mysterious language of portals to share rune passcodes with friends or strangers online.

Right now, multiplayer really is just joint exploration. You can experience planets your friends have found, and even meet planets if you plan outside the game — sharing portal codes and travelling to the same spot — but even then, you may not be guaranteed to find each other if 16 or more players are in the same “instance”.

What do you think of this early attempt at multiplayer? Is it too little, too late? Are you excited about exploring with friends? Let us know in the comments.