Rockstar Games Aiming For Next Game Reveal With Red Dead Redemption 2 Banner Removal At HQ

Rockstar Games is a massive development studio company that turns out plenty of video game titles, though arguably after the release of Grand Theft Auto V, releases from the studio has been a bit more scarce. With that said, it doesn’t come to much surprise that nearing a release after the latest launch of their video game title, Red Dead Redemption 2, that there would be some movement towards the next big video game title reveal. Now new evidence is circulating online that may suggest Rockstar has something ready to be advertised next.

At the Rockstar Games headquarters, there is a massive banner over the building that advertised Red Dead Redemption 2. This was a big IP installment so naturally, Rockstar was pumped to get the game out and into the hands of players around the world. However, the banner is now being removed and it has left plenty of speculation to start spreading that Rockstar is preparing the area for a new banner placement for a new video game title.

Just as we said, this is purely speculation as Rockstar has not revealed anything so while this banner is a big moment for the studio to mark a new video game release milestone, this could just be a means to open up the windows once again and further maintain the building. If this is a move to prepare for a new video game title then the current two big games being rumored about is a sequel to Bully and the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI announcement. While we wait for the next big game is revealed from the studio we would like to hear what you would like to see from Rockstar Games next.

Source: edinburghlive