No Man’s Sky NEXT: Scanning Is The Secret To Earning Units Fast | Farming Guide

Here’s something you probably already know if you’ve been playing No Man’s Sky — scanning is pretty lucrative. For every new scan you make, you can upload your discovery and earn a small cash reward. The galaxy’s primary currency is units, and you can get a lot of units just by dutifully scanning every plant and animal you come across.

Well, things have changed for the even-better in No Man’s Sky NEXT. The upgrade brings a whole bunch of extra technology into the game, and one of the best pieces of equipment you can grab is the S-Class Analysis Visor Upgrade — a “supreme” upgrade for your visor. It doesn’t just give you a boost to your scanning radius, it also gives you a huge percentage bonus to every fauna or flora you scan.

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S-Class Scanners Farming Guide


Before you can start searching for S-Class upgrades, you’ll need a few things — a whole bunch of nanites. Nanite Clusters are a new form of secondary currency found in No Man’s Sky NEXT. You’ll need to collect a lot of these clusters — you can find them a few ways:

  • How To Get Nanite Clusters:
    • Upload discoveries, searching abandoning structures / bases on planet surface, feeding animals and following them to buried clusters, destroying sentinels, searching damaged machines, trading race-specific items, or found when destroying or exploring freighter containers. Can also be given as a mission reward.

Nanite Clusters are important, because they allow you to purchase powerful S-Class upgrades from specialist traders. We’re looking for an “S-Class Analysis Visor Upgrade” — you can find these insane upgrade mods from station traders. Just select the second dialogue option to see their extra inventory.

  • S-Class Analysis Visor Upgrade Rundown:
    • Scan Radius +33%
    • Fauna Analysis Reward +9645%
    • Flore Analysis Reward + 9385%

That’s not a typo. That’s +9400% or more rewards for each scan. Even better, you can stack these things. You can stack up to three (x3) and earn even more rewards with all three equipped. That’s a truly insane amount of rewards you’ll earn, and it’s all for scanning new critters.

The trick is in finding these. They spawn completely randomly. There is a trick you can use to speed up the discovery process.

  • How To Find S-Class Analysis Visor Upgrades:
    • Go to a station with a vendor and check to see if they have an S-Class Visor Upgrade. The one we’re looking for here. Make sure to select the second dialogue option.
      • The S-Class Visor upgrade usually costs about 400 nanite clusters.
    • You can check multiple stations, or you can reset your current station’s inventory.
    • To reset your station’s inventory, enter and exit your ship, then load the autosave file that’s generated. Talk to the station vendor, and you’ll see that their entire inventory has been reset. Keep reloading fresh autosaves to check the same guy until you can purchase a couple of these upgrades.

Keep scanning with three of these one-time purchase upgrade modules, and you can earn 700,000+ units for a single scan. That’s what we call the big bucks.

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