No Man’s Sky NEXT: Build Your Base (Almost) To Space With This Fun Glitch

Now you can really build a stairway to heaven in No Man’s Sky NEXT — all you need is a friend’s base. This ridiculous multiplayer exploit lets you build bases far, far above the normal build height. So far, you can scrape the barrier of your chosen planet’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, you can’t just step right out into space. That’s the dream.

Space might be unreachable, but you can still build a staircase (and a base!) up on the edge of the planet. You’ll be able to see far in the horizon, which is a pretty fun little bonus. This glitch is totally unique to NEXT, and it was originally shared by NoManSky on Reddit. All credit for this amazing glitch goes to him and the rest of the insane glitch-hunters that are probing every inch of No Man’s Sky NEXT.

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Build Your Base (Almost) To Space With This Fun Glitch

How to pass the build height limit and build into space from NoMansSkyTheGame

As described in the Reddit thread found here, there are a few steps you need to take to build way above the normal build height limit.

  1. Hop onto a multiplayer game and build all the way to the top of a friend’s base height limit.
    • Make sure you’re building in an expendable base! You’ll need to delete the original base to continue building up.
  2. At the top of the height limit, place a Base Computer / Refiner.
    • Once the computer is placed, have your friend delete their base. Then, access the new base computer (built way up on the sky) and claim your base in the text options.
  3. Claim your base, then rinse and repeat steps #1 and #2. You can keep going until you reach the very edge of the atmosphere.

And, yes, you can even make the area up in the sky your (semi) functioning base. There isn’t a whole lot you can do up there, but it’s fun breaking through the limitations and standing on the edge of the planet. Give it a try, and let us know if this weird glitch worked for you, too.