No Man’s Sky: Unlock Free Loot With the Atlas Pass Blueprint


Want tons of free stuff in No Man’s Sky? Then you’re going to want the Atlas Pass blueprint.

These keys are found all throughout the galaxy, and you’re pretty likely to find one right next to your crashed spaceship just as you begin your intergalactic exploration. But, those Atlas Passes are a finite resource. If you want an endless supply (as long as you have the right resources) then we suggest giving our Atlas Pass blueprint location guide a look. Below you’ll find the blueprint location, where it spawns every single time — as long as you follow the Atlas’ guidance.

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Atlas Pass v1 Blueprint Location Guide

The Atlas Pass v1 is an invaluable item that’ll help you earn tons of free resources and items in No Man’s Sky. Each Space Station or Atlas Station features an upper level filled with loot that’s free to take — so long as you have an Atlas Pass.

Once you acquire the blueprint, you’ll be able to craft all the Atlas Pass v1 keys you’ll ever need. Trust us, they’re totally worth stockpiling. Here’s how you can get the blueprint and start cracking open those security locks.

  1. Early in your adventure, you’ll get a choice — the Free path, the Center path, or the Atlas path. Choose the Atlas path.
    • Select “Accept the Atlas’ Guidance” to follow this path.
    • If you’ve already selected a path, it’s still possible to get the Atlas Pass blueprint. Just continue to explore until you discover an Atlas Interface.
  2. If you’re following the Atlas path, explore and collect Warp Cells, following the waypoints until you discover a Korvax Plaque. Using it will direct you to an Atlas Interface.
  3. Warp to the Atlas Interface station. They’re the stations with the giant diamond shapes in space.
    • Land and use the interface. You’ll gain an Atlas Stone and an anomaly marker on your Galaxy Map.
  4. Warp to the new Anomaly that appears on the Galaxy Map.
    • The Space Anomaly is a strange spherical station with a couple of NPCs inside.
    • Talk to both NPCs and accept the reward. You’ll gain a free Atlas Pass v1 Blueprint.


The Atlas Pass requires 25 Iron and 10 Heridium to craft, and you’ll definitely want to craft plenty to use in Space Stations, Atlas Stations, or anywhere else with Atlas security. The pass is only worth 825 units, so it’s better to craft Bypass Chips (10 Iron, 10 Plutonium) if you’re looking to grind for easy units.

However you want to use them, the Atlas Pass blueprint will help in your adventures tremendously. These pass keys aren’t so easy to come by in the wild. Never get stuck in a Space Station with no Atlas Pass. Enjoy your key to free stuff, and drop us a comment if there’s another awesome blueprint you think we should talk about.


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