No Man’s Sky: Exploit Saves to Get New Ship Skins | Glitch Guide


Tired of your old clunker ship and what to trade for something new without sacrificing your hard-earned units? Now you can with yet another No Man’s Sky save-file glitch, allowing you to purchase Space Station ships, reload a save, and keep the goods. See how this twist on the duping exploit is done with our quick guide.

If you’re familiar with item duping, this little cheat shouldn’t be too tricky to pull off. The tough part is saving enough units to make an initial purchase — some trader ships sell for 30 million units or more! You only need enough units to cover the transaction, you’ll get all your cash back after using this glitch.

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NOTE: This glitch was tested on Version 1.03 on the digital PS4 release.

If you’ve been playing No Man’s Sky for long, you’ve probably made a Space Station pit stop and observed some of the cool ships arriving in the hangar. Some of those ships look pretty cool — if you want them, now you can reskin your ride totally for free. Here’s how this glitch works:

  1. Land at a Space Station (or anywhere else with ships arriving).
  2. Wait for a ship you want to arrive.
  3. Enter and exit your ship to save.
  4. Talk to the NPC and purchase the ship.
  5. Don’t swap inventory — accept the transaction.
  6. Open the Menu -> Go to Options -> Load a PREVIOUS Save File
  7. Enjoy your new ship!

After loading the save file, you’ll respawn with the new ship and all your old inventory still intact. This won’t get you a better ship — everything in your old ship’s inventory will be the same, and you’ll get all the units spent returned.

  • This glitch moves your current ship inventory (and upgrades, including inventory slots) to a new ship design.
  • You’ll have to pay the initial transfer unit fee to purchase the ship, but you will get your units back.
  • You won’t be able to “trade-up” and get a better ship — effectively, you’re just re-skinning your old ship.


This is the best current method for re-customizing your ship. You won’t be able to get better upgrades or more slots, but you won’t lose any of your current ship unlocks either. If you’re rolling through the galaxy in a tug-boat and want a sleek F-18 fighter with the same amount of inventory slots, this is how you can make that happen.

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